Ever wondered what those initials meant ?


A&GS Armament & Gunnery School
A&IEU Armament & Instrument Experimental Unit
A&P Airframe & Powerplant
A.C.R.C. Aircrew Receiving Centre
A/C Aircraft
A/Cdre Air Commodore
A/S Antisubmarine
AA Air Attache
AA Antiaircraft
AAC Anti Aircraft Co-operation
AAC Army Air Corps
AACC Army Air Corps Center
AACF Anti-aircraft Co-operation Flight
AACTDU Army Air Corps Tactical Development Centre
AACU Anti-aircraft Co-operation Unit
AAEE Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment
AAF Anti Aircraft Flight
AAF Auxiliary Air Force
AAFCE Allied Air Forces, Central Europe
AAFNE Allied Air Forces Northern Europe
AAFSE Allied Air Forces Southern Europe
AAGS Air Armament & Gas School
AAITS Airmen Aircrew Initial Training School
AANS Advanced Air Navigation School
AAP Air to Air Missile
AAP Aircraft Acceptance Park
AAP Army Aircraft Park
AAPC Anti Aircraft Practice Camp
AAR Air to Air Refueling
AAS Air Armament School
AASF Advanced Air Striking Force
AATE Air Armament trials Establishment
AATT&DC Army Air Transport Training & Development Centre
AATTF Anti-Aircraft and Target Towing Flight
AAU Air Ambulance Unit
AAU Aircraft Acceptance Unit
AAU Aircraft Assembly Unit
AB Air Base
ABC Airborne Cigar
ABGS Air Bombing & Gunnery School
ABTF Air Bombing Training Flight
AC Aircraftman
AC1 Aircraftman First Class
AC2 Aircraftman Second Class
ACAC Aircrew Allocation Center
ACATC Air Cadets Adventure Training Centre
ACC Air Control Center
ACC Allied Control Commission
ACC Armoured Car Company
ACC Army Co-operation Command
ACCF Army Co-operation Command Communication Flight
ACCGS Air Cadet Central Gliding School
ACDC Aircrew Despatch Centre
ACDU Air Combat Development Unit
ACDU Army Co-operation Development Unit
ACDW Air Crew Disposal Wing
ACFSS Air Cadets Flying Scholarship Scheme
ACGFSOC Air Cadet Gliding Flight Safety Officer's Course
ACGS Assistant Chief of the General Staff
ACH Advanced Chain Home
ACH Air Craft Hand
ACHU Aircrew Holding Unit
ACI Air Council Instruction
ACIs Air Council Instructions
ACM Air Chief Marshal
ACO Advanced Chain Overseas
ACO Air Cadet Organisation
ACP Air Cadet Publication
ACPNTS Air Cadets Pilot Navigation Training Scheme
ACR Airfield Control Radar
ACRC Air Crew Reception Centre
ACRS Air Crew Refresher School
ACS Airfield Construction Squadron
ACSB Air Crew Selection Board
ACSEA Air Command South East Asia
ACSEA/ASS Air Command South East Asia Air Service Squadron
ACTC Air Cadet Training Centre
ACU Air Conditioning Unit
ACW Aircraft Control and Warning
ACW Aircraftwoman
AD After duty
AD Air Defence
AD Aircraft Depot
AD Aircraft Directive
AD Airworthiness Directive
ADC Aide de Camp
ADC Air Defence Centre
ADCC Air Defence Cadet Corps
ADCS Air Defence Cooperation Squadron
ADEM Air Defences Eastern Mediterranean
ADF Aircraft Delivery Flight
ADGB Air Defence of Great Britain
ADGE Air Defence Ground Environment
ADLS Air Despatch Letter Service
ADM Air Defence Missile
ADNC Air Defence Notification Centre
ADRU Air Despatch& Reception Unit
ADU Aircraft Delivery Unit
AE Air Efficiency
AEAES Air Electronics& Air Engineers School
AEAF Allied Expeditionary Air Forces
AEC Assessment& Evaluation Centre
AED Aircraft Equipment Depot
AEF Air Experience Flight
AES Air Electronics School
AES Armament Experimental Station
AEW Airborne Early Warning
AFB Air Force Base
AFC Air Force Cross
AFC Australian Flying Corps
AFDE Air Fighting Development Establishment
AFDS Air Fighting Development Squadron
AFDU Air Fighting Development Unit
AFE Airborne Forces Establishment
AFEE Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment
AFG Air Forces Gulf
AFHQ Airfield Headquarters
AFI Air Force Instruction
AFM Air Force Medal
AFMS Air Force Medical Service
AFPD Air Force Policy Directive
AFRC Air Force Reserve Command
AFRU Advance Flying & Refresher Unit
AFS Advanced Flying School
AFS Auxiliary Fighter Squadron
AFTCC Air Force Troop Carrier Command
AFTDU Airborne Forces Tactical Development Unit
AFTS Advanced Flying Training School
AFTU Advanced Flying Training Unit
AFTU Air Firing Training Unit
AFU Advanced Flying Unit
AFU Pilots Advanced Flying Unit
AFWE Air Forces Western Europe
AG Air Gunner
AG Airlift Group
AGBS Air Gunnery & Bombing School
AGE Auxiliary Ground Equipment
AGL Air Gun Laying
AGME Aircraft Gun Mounting Establishment
AGRS Advanced Ground Radio School
AGRS Air & Ground Radio School
AGS Air Gunners School
AGS Aircrew Grading School
AGT Advanced Gliding Training
AGT Airwork & General Trading
AGU Airwork Grading Unit
AHQ Air Headquarters
AI Airborne Interception
AICF AI Conversion Flight
AIEU Armament and Instrument Experimental Unit
AIS Air Interception School
AITF AI Training Flight
ALG Advance Landing Ground
ALO Air Liaison Officer
ALS Air Landing School
ALSE Aviation Life Support Equipment
AM Air Marshal
AM Air Ministry
AMC Aerospace Medicine Council
AMC Air Mobility Command
AMDP Air member for development & Production
AMES Air Ministry Experimental Station
AMMF Air Ministry Meteorological Flight
AMO Air Ministry Order
AMO Air Movement Order
AMRS Air Ministry Research Station
AMSDU Air Ministry Servicing Development Unit
AMWD Air Ministry Works Department
ANBS Air Navigation & Bombing School
ANS Air Navigation School
AOC Air Officer Commanding
AOCU Andover Operational Conversion Unit
AOG Aircraft On the Ground
AONS Air Observer's Navigation School
AOP Air Observation Post
AORG Army Operational Research Group
AOS Air Observer's School
AOTS Aircrew Officers Training School
AP Air Publication
AP Aircraft Park
APC Armament Practice Camp
APCS Aden Protectorate Communication Squadron
APDU Air Photography Development Unit
APF Air Pilotage Flight
APMF Aerial Port Mobility Flight
APS Air Pilotage School
APS Armament Practice Station
APSF Aden Protectorate Support Flight
APU Aircraft Preparation Unit
ARC Aircrew Reception Centre
ARC Aircrew Recruiting Centre
ARD Aircraft Repair Depot
ARF Air Radar Fitter
ARF Aircraft Repair Flight
ARP Aircraft Repair Park
ARS Air Reserve Station
ARS Aircraft Repair Section
ARU Aircraft Repair Unit
ARWF Advanced Rotary Wing Flight
ARWS Advanced Rotary Wing Squadron
AS Air School
AS Airlift Squadron
AS&RU Aircraft Salvage & Repair Unit
ASC Air Support Command
ASC Aircrew Selection Centre
ASD Aeroplane Supply Depot
ASE Aircraft Survivability Equipment
ASF Air Survey Flight
ASF Aircraft Servicing Flight
ASI Air Speed Indicator
ASIMS Aerospace Information Management System
ASIMS Anti Submarine Missile
ASIMS Air Stores Park
ASR Air/Sea Rescue
ASR&CF Air Sear Rescue & Communication Flight
ASRF Air Sea Rescue Flight
ASRTU Air Sea Rescue Training Unit
ASS Air Signals School
AST Air Service Training
ASTOR Airborne Stand-Off Radar
ASU Aircraft Storage Unit
ASV Airborne Surface Vessel
ASWDU Air-Sea Warfare Development Unit
ATA Air Transport Auxiliary
ATAF Allied Tactical Air Force
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATC Air Training Corps
ATC Armament Training Camp
ATDC Air Transport Development Centre
ATDF Air Transport Development Flight
ATDU Air Torpedo Development Unit
ATDU Air Transport Development Unit
ATF Autogiro Training Flight
ATFERO Atlantic Ferry Organisation
ATGU Aircrew Testing & Grading Unit
ATP Advanced Training Poll
ATP Air Transit Pool
ATP Aircrew Transit Pool
ATREL Air Transportable Reconnaissance Exploitation Laboratory
ATS Air Training Squadron
ATS Armament Training Station
ATS Auxiliary Territorial Service
ATSDR Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
ATTDU Air Transport Tactical Development Unit
ATU Advanced Training Unit
ATU Air Trials Unit
ATU Aircrew Transit Unit
ATU Armament Training Unit
AUAS Aberdeen University Air Squadron
AUBDS Anti U-boat Devices School
AVG American Volunteer Group
AVM Air Vice Marshal
AW Airlift Wing
AW Armstrong Whitworth
AWDS All Weather Development Squadron
AWF Air Wireless Fitter
AWF All weather Flight
AWFCS All Weather Fighter Conversion Squadron
AWOCU All Weather Operational Conversion Unit
AWOL absent without leave
AWRE Atomic Weapons Research Establishment
B&C Barrack & Clothing
B&GF Bombing & Gunnery Flight
B&GS Bombing & Gunnery School
BABS Blind Approach Beacon System
BAC British Air Commission
BACB British Air Command Berlin
BACF Beam Approach Calibration Flight
BADU Beam Approach Development Unit
BAE British Aerospace
BAFF British Air Forces in France
BAFO British Air Forces of Occupation
BAFSEA British Air Force South-East Asia
BANS Basic Air Navigation School
BARU Base Aircraft Repair Unit
BAS Beam Approach School
BAS&HEDS Bomber Airborne Support & Heavy Equipment Dropping Squadron