Or what was happening in the 'Real' world whilst you were training 1971 - 1973.


                    Dictator Idi Amin takes power in Uganda          br-211208-4.jpg (57933 bytes)  official visit to President Pompidou in the Elysee Palace
 Soviet submarines warned to stay away from Cuba    NASA and the Soviets send probes to Mars
 Rolls Royce declares itself bankrupt. br-211208-8.jpg (27857 bytes)  Queen Elizabeth destroyed by fire in Hong Kong
 Britain becomes decimal - out goes the old pounds          shillings and pence.    Three Russian Cosmonauts are found dead after 'Soyuz     11' lands normally
 The first floppy disc is created for computers    China joins the UN
 Emperor Hirohito visits the Queen at Buckingham  Palace br-211208-3.jpg (47331 bytes)  UK government announces crash helmets will become law.
 Bangladesh is created    Henry Cooper retires from boxing after losing to Joe Bugner.
 Greenpeace is founded    RAF Far Eastern Air Force is disbanded

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 Charles Manson and his female followers were convicted of murder and conspiracy to murder.    Jackie Stewart retains motor racing championship.
 Harvey Smith wins Showjumping event but is disqualified for two-finger gesture    6.6 million tune in to watch "Opportunity Knocks" - UK's most popular TV show.
                                Opening of Disney World in Florida br-211208-6.jpg (64648 bytes)  United Arab Emirates is formed
 Worlds first heart & lung transplant is carried out by Christian Barnard in South Africa    Three cosmonauts die after record breaking trip
 The European Airbus takes its maiden flight    Terrorists kill two Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics
 Idi Amin orders all Asians out of Uganda    Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland
 Nike running shoes hit the market    Last Apollo mission to the moon
 The book, Joy of Sex, is released    UK joins the EEC
 A state of emergency is declared in London as miners continue to strike    'Black-outs' are imposed in Britain due to coal shortage.
 Access credit cards introduced in UK.    The first US B-52 bomber is shot down in Vietnam.
                                          President Nixon visit's China br-211208-9.jpg (53074 bytes)  The first episode of the hit series 'Colditz' is screened on TV.
 The Shackleton AEW Mk2 enters service as No 8 Squadron becomes the first RAF Airborne Early Warning Squadron at RAF Kinloss    England goal keeper Gordon Banks damages eye in car crash.
 The 100th British soldier is killed in Northern Ireland.    Edward 'Duke of Windsor' ex-king of England dies.
 Lossiemouth takes delivery of the first two SEPECAT Jaguar GR1 fighter/bombers for the RAF    VAT is introduced in UK.
 Marriage of Princess Anne to Captain Mark Phillips announced    Watergate scandal breaks with arrest of five defendants at Democrat Party headquarters in Washington
                                    Moscow, signing of SALT Treaty br-211208-10.jpg (33251 bytes)  400 children attack British troops in Londonderry
 The Open University awards its first degrees to 867 students    OPEC doubles price of oil
The Bahamas gain their independence from Britain    Rail workers and civil servants begin strike in UK
       br-211208-11.jpg (43081 bytes)   Mark Spitz, 7 gold medals 1972
Olympic Games
        br-211208-12.jpg (58298 bytes)   Olga Korbut, 3 gold medals
 Red Rum wins Aintree Grand National    US Kung Fu film star Bruce Lee dies
 The 'Cod War' begins as Icelandic gunboat sinks two British trawlers    Russian supersonic airliner Tupelov-144 'Concordski' crashes at Paris airshow
  expelled from Uganda by Idi Amin, 30,000 arrive in UK br-211208-13.jpg (59221 bytes)  Stan Smith beats Ilie Nastase in men's final at Wimbledon,
 Billie Jean King beats Evonne Goolagong
 Completion of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Centre br-211208-14.jpg (8164 bytes)     Vietnam War Ends