The following recently published book describes the history of a 48th entry
Halton apprentice before, during and after his RAF service
( I made a very small contribution to the book, hence the thank you card below)

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ISBN 978-0-646-57600-8

Check out the following book in which Rod Wallace's father figures and 
was a member of 55th entry

Brief Description
With the passing out of the One Hundred and Fifty-Fifth entry in 1993 came the end of the Aircraft Apprentice Scheme. This is the story of just one of the electricians of the Fifty-Fifth Entry and,in some respects, is also the story of apprentices of all trades and entries. It provides a riotous, irreverent and entertaining account of the author's experiences as an aircraft apprentice in the RAF.

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Erk's 'Ardlife Add Astra
The Brat Files

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Written by Willie Corless (ex 219 Typhoon - you may know him he
remembers one or two of our lot)

This is an excellent and amusing book tracing a typical brat's journey
through Halton which we all recognise only to well.

Foreword by Air Chief Marshal Sir Richard Johns
Published by Towpath Press.

Do yourself a favour and get a copy obtainable in the first instance by contacting Willie
his email is -
cost 5 plus 70p p&p

The following are chapters within the book -

1          Welcome to the Royal Air Force 2          Willie Who
3          Workshops 4          Titch
5          Dan Durr 6          Holidays
7          Zeppelin 8          Basic Rockapes
9          SummerCamp 10        First Flight
11        EntryNight 12        Route Lining
13        Weekends 14        The Move To Invader
15        MoreTraining 16        Entertainment
17        Daphne 18        Barney and Squiffy
19        London 20        The Band
21        Last Leg

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