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Mini Eulogies

Dave Lawrence

I've had a few thoughts and memories of Dave since your initial email. I remember he was an enthusiastic and outwardly robust character from Newbury if I remember right. I don't know 
if you remember York flight up to the visit by families was that in October 1971? we had a library room run by Chris Lowe and Dave built a York model from a Lancaster kit with a conversion that was on display in the room. I think I'm the one to blame for his nickname which he hated. What happened was somebody cut his hair (might have been Roy Davidge) but it went wrong and they ended up cutting it skin head style to cover it up. I laughed at it and said you look like a 
Butch and it stuck. He became bitten by the sub aqua bug and spent most of his money buying kit including a spear gun which I think they shot through a locker one night. I remember the week before summer camp, when we had a bit of trouble with 219, who came across to sort us out but were ejected from the block. This was when Dave broke or injured his arm and then could not go on the summer camp. I cannot remember if he had a prize or not when we passed out but he was in the running. I find it sad we did not know he was ill but I can understand why he kept away.
Paul Pickwell

Just finished reading  Paul,s  recollection as to how Dave,s nickname was born. 
I had forgotten how it came about,  but certainly recall , as will the other smokers in the dorm,
that  he would, when adapting his kits, collect the ash from our ashtrays and use it to make 
polishing compound for the Perspex mouldings after he had painstakingly shaped them. obviously hadn,t heard of T_Cut then. 
My lasting memory has to be of Butch parading up and down the centre deck in full wet suit, 
flippers and oxygen bottles .like a duck out of water??? . He always seemed to put everything 
he had into everything he did.
( sounds like a good philosophy for life, hope it worked for him)
Stu Thomson

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