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 (Please note I can provide final Order of Merit Positions/Scores on request)  

The following Passed-Out J/T 21/06/1973 (includes one who passed out in July)

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Below final 223 report published in Haltonian magazine after graduation. (click graphic)
BR - 1973 - 223 General Report.jpg (331917 bytes)







Adams Brize Norton Davies PSU Hullavington Bothamley 229 OCU Chivenor
Bass 5 Sqn Binbrook Farmery Odiham Carter 229 OCU Chivenor
Bunfield Brize Norton Jones D Lossiemouth Davidge Colerne
Crerar Kinloss Jones P Wattisham Fishburn 4 FTS Valley
Dutton (ex 222) Wyton Milnes Finningley Hovey St Athan
Foster S St Athan Rodham Coningsby Kerr St Athan
Francis BH SU W. Raynham Scott West Raynham Godden 229 OCU Chivenor
Furness St Athan Wallace 38 Gp Benson Lawrence 229 OCU Chivenor
Gingell Odiham     Lowe 4 FTS Valley
Goss Brize Norton     Pickwell Honington
Hayward 43 Sqn Leuchars     Shephard 229 OCU Chivenor
Hayworth St Athan     Stockton 4 FTS Valley
Hearfield  Brize Norton        
Hopkins Bicester        
Jenkins St Athan        
Newman (ex 222) Brize Norton        
Reynolds Brize Norton        
Ryan Brize Norton        
Sawyer  St Athan        
Stevens BH SU W.Raynham        
Smyth St Athan        
Squires Bicester        
Stelmach St Athan        
Tanner Brize Norton        
Waugh Waddington        
White St Athan        

           and what happened to the others:             

Airframes Transferred to  Graduated Discharged Propulsion Transferred to  Graduated   Discharged Electrical Transferred to  Graduated   Discharged
Adamson No 05/10/71 Fisher No 18/01/72 Crozier No 17/11/71
Bedson    Adult Trg   03/01/73 No Lynch No 29/03/72 Hanley No 06/10/71
Bedward No 20/06/73 Thompson Adult Trg   13/09/72 No Pike No 22/09/71
Blemings    225    08/11/72 No 14/03/73 Wilmot No 20/09/71 Reid No 12/08/71
Butler No 08/12/71 Dunne No 25/10/72 Rowlands No 21/07/71
Deakin    225    08/11/72

Adult Trg

No   Steeples Adult Trg  21/02/73 No
Dorman No 19/12/72 Stewart No 21/06/72
Foster D      224       11/05/73 J/T Strachan No 02/06/72
Lewis P No 17/09/71 Williams    120     Dental Tech 22/11/71 ?
Lewis W No 29/04/73 Wilson 225   16/06/72 No 02/05/73
Myers     225      06/03/72 J/T  
Rees No 17/11/71
Rogers     224      11/05/73 SAC
Wright No 19/12/72