The following photographs taken July 2002 & February 2003
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                                                                               The Apprentice Tribute Stone  stone.jpg (52737 bytes) in front of 'Schools' or Kermode Hall
                                                                                                                                as it is now known   


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                      square1.jpg (29328 bytes) square2.jpg (29183 bytes) YorkFlight.jpg (72895 bytes)            
                         No description necessary            York Flight
                                  with these two 

                                    hal5.JPG (30642 bytes) hal7.JPG (31709 bytes)   
                                        Workshops            Airfield           


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Above photographs of Halton House
(thanks to Bob Wilson)

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The excellent entry window in the church - you have to see this in the 'flesh' to appreciate how
good it looks.

The following from the Apprentice Museum - well worth a look

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