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223 Apprentice Entry RAF Halton

(30th June 1971 - 21st June 1973)


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This website is dedicated to all fellow members of 223 entry. 

(but if you're not ex - 223 you are still very welcome) 

We must have been one of the smallest entry of 

 Apprentices to graduate with 46 out of 75 (including 2 from 222)

 completing the course, and one who passed out on 25 July hence

 our motto 'small  but deadly', well we were young at the time. 

Since leaving Halton I only met three fellow 223 brats in 11 years

 of service, that was Dave Milnes , Keith Bass and Phil Scott - I'm

 pleased to say that to date all but 1 of those 46 have been

 accounted for .

By the way do you remember that Irish Sgt DI we first 

had in York Flight ?

can't remember his name but I remember his catch phrase -

'I'll rip yer arm off and beat ya with the soggy end'


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