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This page is for any 'Brat' memorabilia not just pertaining to our own 223 entry,
so if you have a relative or friend who also went through the Halton experience
then please send any material for inclusion.

'Through the decades at bottom of page'

Below displayed in Workshops and Schools to remind us of why we were at Halton
BR-1940's-15.jpg (82330 bytes)

This, a description of 'Schools' and what you can expect with regards to educational subjects (click link)
Halton Guide to Schools


Some very interesting memorabilia from Dick Bothamley circa 1968 - 70 (our era)

db-300807-leaflet-2.jpg (144615 bytes)

db-300807-leaflet-1.jpg (104443 bytes)
The apprentice in the centre is
from 217 entry, Mick Drury
(thanks to Nick Howells also 217)
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db-300807-leaflet-5.jpg (89856 bytes)

Inside an RAF Apprentice College

db-300807-college-1.jpg (91783 bytes) db-300807-college-2.jpg (82133 bytes) db-300807-college-3.jpg (110202 bytes) db-300807-college-4.jpg (148587 bytes)

These from the 50's & 60's

BR-290810-1.jpg (66482 bytes) Br-180412-1.jpg (79801 bytes) BR-220211-1.jpg (84869 bytes) BR-290810-2.jpg (65588 bytes)


These courtesy of the IWM

BR-270415-1.jpg (106046 bytes)
Aircraft apprentices  listen to a lecture on servicing aircraft in the field, in front of a line of instructional airframes on the airfield at Halton,  989M is a Hawker Audax Mark I,

BR-270415-2.jpg (100945 bytes)
A class of aircraft apprentices receiving practical instruction in the servicing of magnetos



BR-270415-3.jpg (99311 bytes)
learning to make repairs to a fuselage of a Bristol Blenheim in the workshops



BR-270415-4.jpg (91591 bytes)
instructor shows aircraft apprentices how to load a bomb into the racks of an aircraft using hand winches


BR-270415-5.jpg (94884 bytes)
An instructor lectures to aircraft apprentices on the working of an aircraft hydraulic system



BR-270415-6.jpg (107094 bytes)
Aircraft apprentices march in shirt-sleeve order from their living quarters to the workshops



BR-270415-7.jpg (102395 bytes)
An RAF apprentice working on a jet engine at RAF Halton




BR-270415-9.jpg (113110 bytes)
Aircraft Apprentices of the 91st Entry  receiving 'Final Airframes' training from instructor Mr Maynall in a classroom hangar containing Hawker Hunter instructional airframes. 



BR-270415-10.jpg (82775 bytes)
How to load a gun pack of four Aden 30mm cannon into an instructional airframe of a Hawker Hunter.





BR-270415-11.jpg (97901 bytes)
An Aircraft Apprentice has his parachute harness adjusted by a Flying Instructor standing in front of a De Havilland Chipmunk T.10 aircraft prior to an 'air experience' flight



BR-270415-8.jpg (135345 bytes)
Aircraft Apprentices from 91st Entry
work on rebuilding a Messerschmitt Me 163B 'Komet' rocket-powered aircraft for the Science Museum. The apprentices are: Fred Yarwood (in cockpit), Brian Redmore (on steps) and Penswick (at the tail).


BR-270415-13.jpg (106046 bytes)
Aircraft apprentices listen to a lecture on servicing aircraft in the field, in front of a line of instructional airframes on the airfield





BR-270216-2.jpg (127949 bytes)

BR-270216-1.jpg (154996 bytes) BR-270216-3.JPG (115536 bytes)



Halton images across the decades
(Many thanks to those that have sent material, especially George Barker (29th entry))

BR-1940's-14.jpg (61968 bytes) BR-1930's-2.jpg (39106 bytes) BR-240113-1Halton 1935.jpg (89054 bytes) BR-240113-2Lambert & Butler ' 1939.jpg (52329 bytes) 1930's BR-1930'3-3.jpg (15508 bytes) BR-1930's-1.jpg (38098 bytes)
BR-1930's-4.jpg (84246 bytes) BR-1930's-5.jpg (84576 bytes)
BR-1930's-6.jpg (58206 bytes)
BR-1930's-7.jpg (52522 bytes)
BR-1940's-7.jpg (44567 bytes) BR-1940's-5.jpg (101196 bytes) BR-1940's-3.jpg (67730 bytes) BR-1940's-1.jpg (67220 bytes) 1940's BR-1940's-2.jpg (93325 bytes) BR-1940's-4.jpg (10787 bytes) BR-1940's-6.jpg (65934 bytes) BR-1940's-8.jpg (64012 bytes)
BR-1940's-9.jpg (57493 bytes) BR-1940's-10.jpg (52782 bytes) BR-1940's-11.jpg (74620 bytes) BR-1940's-12.jpg (21017 bytes) BR-1940's-14.jpg (73548 bytes)
BR-1950's-1.jpg (58200 bytes) BR-1950's-3.jpg (47935 bytes) BR-1950's-4.jpg (32137 bytes) BR-1950's-7.jpg (50582 bytes) 1950's BR-1950's-15.jpg (83214 bytes) BR-1950's-9.jpg (16676 bytes) BR-1950's-12.jpg (52857 bytes) BR-1950's-13.jpg (39946 bytes)
BR-1950's-2.jpg (43048 bytes) BR-1950's-5.jpg (27265 bytes) BR-1950's-16.jpg (5108 bytes) BR-1950's-8.jpg (75403 bytes) BR-1950's-11.jpg (43721 bytes) BR-1950's-14.jpg (33762 bytes)
BR-1960's-9.jpg (55501 bytes) BR-1960's-5.jpg (20528 bytes)   BR-1960's-1.jpg (154080 bytes) 1960's BR-1960's-12.jpg (51570 bytes) BR-1960's-6.jpg (52497 bytes) BR-1960's-13.jpg (51958 bytes) BR-1960's-7.jpg (56403 bytes)
BR-1960's-8.jpg (73670 bytes)   BR-1960's-3.jpg (201674 bytes)
BR-1960's-11.jpg (95977 bytes)
BR-1960's-2.jpg (112916 bytes)   BR-1960's-4.jpg (61710 bytes) BR-1960's-10.jpg (46902 bytes)
BR-1970's-3.jpg (12738 bytes) BR-1970's-4.jpg (37897 bytes) BR-1970's-6.jpg (37994 bytes) BR-1970's-1.jpg (55837 bytes) 1970's BR-1970's-2.jpg (26549 bytes) BR-1970's-9.jpg (31015 bytes) BR-1970's-10.jpg (12549 bytes) BR-1970's-13.jpg (49712 bytes)
BR-1970's-5.jpg (41717 bytes) BR-1970's-7.jpg (36404 bytes) BR-1970's-8.jpg (31288 bytes) BR-1970's-11.jpg (35256 bytes)
BR-1970's-12.jpg (54256 bytes)
BR-120313-1.jpg (86686 bytes) BR-120313-2.jpg (72030 bytes) These 4 are
2 Wing 1972
BR-120313-3.jpg (68495 bytes) BR-120313-4.jpg (78588 bytes)
BR-1980's-5.jpg (41741 bytes) BR-1980's-3.jpg (44867 bytes) BR-1980's-1.jpg (43114 bytes) 1980's BR-1980's-2.jpg (44561 bytes) BR-1980's-4.jpg (16094 bytes) BR-1980's-6.jpg (64139 bytes)
BR-260719-1.jpg (112415 bytes) BR-260719-6.jpg (115830 bytes) BR-1990's-3.jpg (49213 bytes) BR-1990's-1.gif (70997 bytes) BR-1990's-2.gif (70743 bytes) BR-260719-3.jpg (105066 bytes) BR-260719-8.jpg (110860 bytes) BR-260719-10.jpg (115628 bytes)
BR-260719-5.jpg (125472 bytes) BR-260719-17.jpg (74986 bytes) BR-260719-11.jpg (112926 bytes) BR-260719-14.jpg (119334 bytes) 1990's BR-260719-12.jpg (116996 bytes) BR-260719-15.jpg (99063 bytes) BR-260719-13.jpg (117933 bytes)  
  BR-260719-2.jpg (98058 bytes)   BR-260719-16.jpg (126232 bytes)   BR-260719-9.jpg (108456 bytes)   BR-260719-7.jpg (63894 bytes)

BR-2000's-7.jpg (38459 bytes)

BR-2000s-24.jpg (72878 bytes)
BR-2000's-9.jpg (44296 bytes) BR-2000s-20.jpg (96570 bytes) 2000's BR-2000s-26.jpg (67927 bytes) BR-2000's-15.jpg (30982 bytes) BR-2000s-25.jpg (64130 bytes) BR-2000's-12.jpg (49869 bytes)
BR-2000's-11.jpg (40723 bytes) BR-2000s-17.jpg (52393 bytes)
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BR-2000's-16.jpg (36155 bytes) BR-2000's-13.jpg (41018 bytes)
BR-2000's-3.jpg (96440 bytes) BR-2000's-2.jpg (62734 bytes) NMA Alrewas BR-2000's-4.jpg (83687 bytes) BR-2000's-5.jpg (114942 bytes)

Apprenticeship Information

db-300808-Propaganda-1.jpg (66014 bytes)
db-300808-Propaganda-3.jpg (111916 bytes) db-300808-Propaganda-2.jpg (110126 bytes) db-300808-Propaganda-4.jpg (100732 bytes)

Apprenticeship Types

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db-300807-app types-2.jpg (60743 bytes) db-300807-app types-3.jpg (45976 bytes) db-300807-app types-4.jpg (126080 bytes) db-300807-app types-5.jpg (131367 bytes) db-300807-app types-6.jpg (111008 bytes) db-300807-app types-7.jpg (125897 bytes)
db-300807-app types-8.jpg (143378 bytes) db-300807-app types-9.jpg (134533 bytes) db-300807-app types-10.jpg (144901 bytes) db-300807-app types-11.jpg (53299 bytes) db-300807-app types-12.jpg (99306 bytes) db-300807-app types-13.jpg (130610 bytes)
db-300807-app types-14.jpg (141938 bytes) db-300807-app types-15.jpg (121983 bytes) db-300807-app types-16.jpg (51559 bytes) db-300807-app types-17.jpg (51551 bytes) db-300807-app types-18.jpg (52934 bytes) db-300807-app types-19.jpg (39597 bytes)

The following from the 'Halton Journal' Autumn 1972 edition

HJ-1972-1.jpg (94158 bytes) HJ-1972-2.jpg (115453 bytes)

Our first entry is from Chris Lowe who's father was also a Halton brat in
the 30's - bet you didn't know that !
Many thanks to Chris for getting the material to me...

                                   Halton magazine 1936 version Mag1.jpg (54182 bytes)     Mag2.jpg (43666 bytes)   Halton Commandant !
    Recruit.jpg (109533 bytes) Doesn't this just make
                                 you want to join up !
 If you were good you might have
    been allowed to stay out late
         and go to the Cinema !  
          Book.jpg (40403 bytes)
   Happy New Year  Mag3.jpg (61924 bytes)
                                             Dinner.jpg (44065 bytes)                   House.jpg (17222 bytes)   32nd.jpg (49346 bytes)