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This page is for any news items comments or just anything you
wish to add, so please send anything of interest and I'll place it here.

Chris Lowe
has e-mailed me with his memories of being a country boy at heart and remembers his first visit to a
large city (London) being quite a shock, also his following trips to the smoke with Geordie Fishburn and others !!
least said I think. Also mentions as he was a keen cross country runner he enjoyed watching the rest of the entry
marching around everywhere whilst he was 'training'.

5 September 2001........I'm pleased to say I've made contact with Phil Scott today who is still serving although
only for a couple more weeks , still 30 years isn't bad I'm sure you will agree !!!!
His e-mail address is now on the contacts page.

17 October 2001.....Heard from Nick Rogers today seems he had a disagreement with the staff at Halton
over a test piece and Passed Out with 224 entry, his e-mail address is on the Contacts page.

20 October 2001.....Ron Hearfield has made contact he's now a civvy working at Brize his e-mail has been
added if you wish to contact him.

23 October 2001..... now heard from Tony Newman today details added.

3 November 2001.....Keith Bass called more details to follow.

3 November 2001.....Paul White's wife has made contact (he's in Saudi) so you can contact him using the
e-mail on the Contacts page.

4 November.....e-mail from Roy Davidge details on Contacts.

Nick Rogers attended a Halton reunion a couple of years ago which he says stirred the memories good and bad 
remembers the pond on the airfield road as Mr Reynolds fishing spot, even 'marched' up to 1/2 wing parade ground
behind the band. Collected his packed lunch (still in the white cardboard box) with ham sarnie, boiled egg, cheese
sarnie, apple and biscuits (he reckons its the same one he had first time round !!, but the best bit was the salute
from the station commander..........

Have spoken by phone with Dick Bothamley, Dave Shephard and Phil Francis more info coming shortly.

Rod Wallace sent the following about F/Lt Chew (is that how you spell his name ?)
In the late 70's at Brize during Taceval everyone was eating in the airmans mess, he noticed on a table with
10 Sqn bods Mr Chew (still F/Lt) he recognised Rod who made a point of ignoring the p***k which Rod
says was very satisfying.......

6 November 2001.....e-mails from Dave Lawrence, Ken Ryan and Dave Squires who has been a
POLICEMAN for the past 20 years check out 'Contacts' page.

e-mails sent to Paul Heyworth (Canada) and Keith Godden (Germany)
letter sent to Jezz Goss awaiting replies.

7 November 2001.....Phil Jones asks if anyone remembers loading up cars with shovels and 'ajax' to add an
'appendage' to the local White Horse - that's the downs not the pub. Trouble was they couldn't find the bloody
thing so ended up in a pub instead.

For some reason people are trying to recall the names of our DI's ? this is what has turned up so far -
Cpl Young, Barney Mehan, Cpl Hogan and Sgt Price.

Spoke with Tom Sawyer today he works for the AEEU trade union in East Midlands.

8 November 2001.....Heard from Paul Hayworth info on 'Contacts'..

9 November 2001.....Keith Godden in touch service details added says he remembers going on that wild
goose chase with the 'ajax', he works at NATO Geilenkichen since 83 as a civvy engine tech ....

13 November 2001.....Call from Geordie Fishburn still serving.

14 November 2001.....Paul Pickwell has signed the 'Guestbook' and will be in touch soon.

15 November 2001.....Steve Farmery e-mailed details on Contacts.

The following from Dave Squires.....
I was one of those that couldn't find the horse. Anyone remember the flight football team ,the bed stacking both taking it and giving it, the antics of the passing out entries one on 3 wing when there were a variety of buses and lorries parked on the square when morning parade assembled. stolen from the local area.

16 November 2001.....Phone call from Mick Carter I've his phone number should you want it.

19 November 2001.....Made contact with Colin Stockton he's an Instructor at Cosford.

Chris Lowe has added the following to the 'ajax' episode....
Ref our trip to Dunstable! imagine the scene, a dark night with the moon only lighting our way occasionally, we stumbled
around the countryside not sure where we were armed only with issue small shovels from fire piquet, scouring powder
(and toilet rolls) the idea was, to add an appendage to the white horse and leave our entry number. Not an original idea but
sounded good in the clear light of the barrack room, a little different though in the dark, and not exactly sure where we were.
The worst of it all as we fell over one fence into another field, we heard snorting and heavy breathing like cattle make, but
then , could this have been the lion enclosure? once this possibility entered our heads every inch of ground and every fence
we had previously laboured over suddenly became easy. We covered the downs in record time, vaulted fences that only 
minutes before had been difficult to scale. A good night out and still back in time for bed checks. Now here is a poser in
turn, who can tell the story, here are 3 key facts.
1 Wagon and Horses     
2 Police check              
3 Mop heads in the beds

21 November 2001.....Found Ken Waugh today his details are displayed.

29 November 2001.....Tony Newman has located Terry Hayward & Dave Gingell .

3 December 2001.....Chatting with Ian Hovey his e-mail is on 'Contacts'.

9 December 2001.....The 'Ajax' saga continues the following from Ian Hovey -
"With reference to the so called 'White Horse' incident... it was, in fact, the lion above Whipsnade Zoo, on the Dunstable downs.  The snorting sound came from the North American Bison, that were laying on the deck looking at us. We even had to nick some petrol to get back...didn't we Colin Fishburn..."

12 December 2001.....Mick Stelmach has made contact I have his details.

18 December 2001.....Today found Jock Kerr

03 January 2002.....John Kerr's email now on 'Contacts'

08 January 2002.....Chalky White's change of email address on 'Contacts' page.

10 January 2002.....Phil Francis change of email address added.

12 January 2002.....Steve Bunfield emailed he is aircrew with a civvy company flying in/out of Hong Kong.

14 January 2002.....Ray Stevens found.

18 January 2002.....Located Rich Hopkins check out his email on 'Contacts'.

19 January 2002.....email from Carl Reynolds details to follow.

I'm pleased to say that deposits for our first reunion are arriving and all being well a good night should be had by all !!

28 January 2002.....Steve Foster has been found - thanks to Dave Squires.

03 February 2002.....Geordie Fishburn now has an email address - on 'Contacts page'

04 February 2002.....Phone call from Don Tanner details to follow

08 February 2002..... Trev Dutton called email address on 'Contacts'

29 February 2002.....Mick Stelmach's email address on 'Contacts' page

22 March 2002.....Keith Bass's email address added

08 April 2002.....First Reunion has been and gone all enjoyed the weekend - hopefully
the first of many.

03 May 2002.....Mick Carter is now on email address on 'Contacts'

07 May 2002.....Guest book signed by Steve Foster his email address has been added.

12 May 2002.....Ken Waugh is off to sunny Oman next week to earn his fortune
so good luck Ken and don't forget to keep sending the dosh !.

13 May 2002.....Found Pete Dunne thanks to Friends Reunited details coming.

16 May 2002.....Finally heard from Davey Jones he is well and lives in Telford

29 May 2002.....Spoke with George Strachan he lives in Prestwick

02 June 2002.....Nice to see Phil Scott & Karen and pleased to see the Harrogate Police
college is keeping him busy.

07 June 2002.....Alfie Bass starts a new job next week - back playing 
with aeroplanes at Norwich Airport.

09 June 2002.....Thanks to Mick Carter & Tracey for calling in on their journey back
south from Grimsby.

10 June 2002.....Bob Wilson has turned up his email is on 'Contacts'.

11 June 2002.....The following regarding the 'Ajax' episode from Bob Wilson
"I was there and I was the one who fell from the top of the fence in a drunken. haze to land safely on 
the bonnet of the car used for our criminal activities".

12 June 2002.....Ken Waugh's new email address in Oman added.

24 June 2002.....made contact with Duncan Furniss I have his details.

25 June 2002.....Reunion report has been published in the RAFHAA magazine.

10 July 2002.....Trev Dutton now has a new email address.

19 July 2002.....Chatting with Steve Foster he had a serious accident a couple
of years ago and has just had an operation to remove a disc from his back, I'm
pleased to say he is now on the mend and hopes to start seeing some of the
guys after August. I'm sure everyone wishes him a speedy recovery. 

20 July 2002.....I'm informed by Dave Squires that the 'pedal aircraft' was called
'Jupiter' the brain child of F/Lt Potter also that he was involved with the trips
to Benson even having a jolly in it !! seems like a good prospect to include in
the 'Window' project.

22 July 2002.....Finally found John Jenkins (thanks to Dave Gingell for the help) 
he will be on e-mail shortly but I have his details if you need them.

31 July 2002.....Password protection added to 'Contacts' page.

21 August 2002.....Email from Steve Davies brother seems Steve died of a heart attack.

20 September 2002.....Phil Francis has almost recovered from an operation he had in August.

07 October 2002.....Colin Stockton emailed to say he has almost recovered from his medical
problem (something to do with 'nuts' !) 

20 October 2002.....Dave Milnes is now on email (but its still secret !)

31 October 2002..... Hi guys anyone got a spare job out there ? I'm now redundant from Marconi !

20 December 2002.....Pleased to say I'm now sorted !

24 December 2002.....Additions from the 1973 Halton magazine added to the 'Entry History' page
(thanks to Chris Maryan - 121 entry)

03 January 2003.....Spoken with Dave Crerar's wife Margaret who is pleased that contact has been made
(thanks to Keith Bass for the info)

28 January 2003.....John Kerr has moved to new climes - Wales, well he's done Scotland & England.

01 February 2003.....Ian (Pompey) Hovey has volunteered to bear the brunt of organizing this
years get together - thanks Ian.

15 March 2003.....Ian has provisionally booked our 30th Graduation Reunion for the 24th May at the 
Novotel, Stevenage
, please get those deposits to Ian ASAP.

22 April 2003.....Ken Ryan now has a new email address - check out the 'Contacts' page.

22 April 2003.....Sad news from Ian - this years reunion has had to be cancelled as the numbers
required to make it viable just were not there, lets hope in another year or two things will be

24 April 2003....Spoke with 'Noddy Steeples' he's fit & well down in Cornwall.

30 April 2003.....RAFHAAA Newsletter page added.

15 May 2003.....The following from Keith Godden -

I remember the engine workshops trainer was Mr Varty, he had a rough old time with us and died shortly afterwards of a heart attack. Our escapade in Wales comes to mind when I couldn't wait to get back to Halton NAAFI for beans on toast. I remember that we all refused to come out of our tents to do some training because of the weather and Chew got really annoyed. Dick nearly died in a bog in Wales (not a toilet, a real bog). We went marching to Dunstable in preparation for Wales and I got constipation from those bloody rations. We also raided a store in Wales and nicked some stuff from their deep freeze to have some decent food! Chew received a dead sheep in his sleeping bag from the PTIs staying with us (was he welsh?)sorry Taffs.

21 May 2003.....Congrats to Steve Farmery who has just joined Business Class on promotion to
Training Manager (Global) for his bank in Luxembourg, good to see him doing well and can I
have a job please ?.

27 May 2003.....Been chatting with Geordie Fishburn who is back from his travels at least for a
couple of weeks or so, he welcomes any contact from you guys.

07 June 03.....Visited the Window Manufacturer and all is well and ahead of schedule with our
window now due for installation the end of this month !.

10 July 2003.....Window now due for installation 15th July.

23 July 2003.....Our window has now been installed and thanks to Dave Milnes who went down
and took some photographs during installation.

26 July 2003.....Mick Carter now has a different email address which is on the 'Contacts' page,
and here is a bit of news he has decided to get  married !! big event takes place 16 August.
(All the best to him & Tracey)

25 September.....Birthday page added

04 October 2003.....Bob Wilson has a new email address, check out the 'Contacts' page.

07 October 2003.....Chalky White has a new email address, check out the 'Contacts' page.

11 October 2003.....Dave Milnes starts his new job next week - Train Driver for Central Trains !
(good luck Dave)

25 October 2003.....Steve Smyth has finally surfaced details on the 'Contacts' page.

10 November 2003.....Ken Waugh now has a new email address which is on 'Contacts'

4 December 2003.....Date finally set for our Window Dedication at Halton - 6th June 2004

17 February 2004.....Get those deposits in please ASAP !

17 February 2004.....Check out this link to Ian's head bangers pop group !

29 February 2003.....Rich Hopkins is now involved working for a Resource Group who are
always on the lookout for Engineers, so if you fancy a change why not send him your CV
for registration.

07 May 2004.....Please note Steve Farmery's change of email address on the 'Contacts' page

24 May 2004.....Notification of a future 'Grandad', Ian Hovey Christmas time this year, 
do we have any other Grandfathers out there ?.

03 June 2004.....Chris Lowe's new contact details in Spain are now on the 'Contacts' page.

07 June 2004.....Reunion & Dedication weekend went off very well and all enjoyed themselves
many thanks to Min Larkin of the RAFHAAA for organising the Sunday for us.

27 June 2004.....Phil Scott has a new email address check out the 'Contacts' page.

03 August 2004.....I've heard from RAFHAAA and the Reunion/Dedication report will appear in the
November issue of the magazine.

26 August 2004.....Congratulations to Dave Milnes who is now a qualified train driver for Central Trains.

16 September 2004.....Halton Triennial set for 25th of this month, anyone going?

17 September 2004.....From Rita in the colonies....
170904-PH-1.jpg (52159 bytes) 170904-PH-2.jpg (44906 bytes)

22 October 2004....Pink Panther in Luxembourg is recovering from a twisted back as he tried 
to pick up his wallet !, get well soon Stevie...

02 November 2004.....Gezz Goss is now on email - check out the 'Contacts' page.

22 November 2004.....Information requested about POK Plumpton from a 3rd party researching
his career and history, any info please send and thanks to those that have already done so.

07 December 2004.....The following photo's are of Rich Hopkins new toy, (new flat in Spain, new 
aircraft ! what am I doing wrong !)
rh-071204-1.jpg (28631 bytes) rh-071204-2.jpg (34515 bytes) rh-071204-3.jpg (23364 bytes)

14 December 2004.....New Photograph added to the 'Mug-Shots' page - Steve Smyth check it out !

19 December 2004.....Heard from Geordie Fishburn he's just back from his 4th trip in Iraq !! and now
looking forward to another visit to Afghanistan......

30 December 2004.....Rae Stevens site added to the 'Links' page.

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