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16 November 2022.....Good to see these guys today at the 223 (Midlands) pre Christmas lunch.
(Yvonne, Marilyn, Dave Shephard, Dave Gingell, Dave Squires and Bob.)
Looking forward to the next one which will be arranged by Dave Squires in the new year.

BR-161122-1.jpg (230847 bytes)


08 November 2022.....Many thanks to these guys for attending Tony's funeral on the 4th November.
BR-081122-1.jpeg (148446 bytes)
(Ken Ryan, Don Tanner, Rod Wallace, Paul Bedward & Chris Lowe)

17 October 2022.....More bad news gents. Informed by Tony Newman's son Chris that his dad passed away 
yesterday morning. If you wish to make contact with Chris please get in touch with me and I will pass on his details.

13 October 2021.....Really sad new just in from Jock Strachan's son George, his dad died 
yesterday morning in hospital. I'm sure all of us from 223 wish his family well at this sad time.
If anyone can make the funeral it is on the 26th October at 12.00 at Aye crematorium.

27 July 2021.....Excellent reunion weekend, Covid or not !.
Great to see everyone and many thanks to all that made the effort to be there.

BR-270721-2.jpg (101211 bytes)
Many thanks to all for the drawing above, really good and much appreciated.


03 Jun 2021.....At this moment in time the reunion is still going ahead as planned for late July,
if it should be cancelled due to Covid it will be postponed to a date to be arranged.

Mearns FM
03 Jan 2021.....Paul Hayworth at his desk at Mearns FM.
         Rock your blues away with Paul every Tuesday 4-6pm.
BR-030121-2.jpeg (88010 bytes)
check him out at:

03 Jan 2021.....Well done to Alfie Bass who recently completed a charity cycle ride with his friend and ex colleague, see below:
My former work colleague, Sean Waymouth, was diagnosed & treated for Hodgkins & Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2019/20. 
Post treatment, we had planned to do the Norwich 60 mile charity bike ride to raise funds for the Lymphoma Research Trust. 
The event was postponed, due to Covid lockdown, from May until September 2020: Sean had no sportive or distance cycling 
experience, so I took him on some training rides to get him up to speed. We completed the event & raised well over the 
original target. This was a ray of sunshine in an otherwise crap year!
BR-030121-1.jpg (143998 bytes)

01 Jan 2021.....Happy New Year to one and all.
Paul Hayworth has notified me of the birth of his 2nd grandchild, Owen to his youngest
daughter Suzie. Many congrats to his family.

24 Dec 2020.....Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year to come.
It must be better than 2020 !.

12 Nov 2020.....Link below will take you to the latest 'RAF Halton Consultation Document'.
This explains the latest plans for Halton and the immediate area:


31 Oct 2020.....Hotel booked for our reunion next July (Covid permitting),
Horwood House, Milton Keynes.
Check out details on Reunion Page.

06 Oct 2020.....RAF Apprentices Medal

                                   BR-061020-1.png (331137 bytes) BR-061020-2.png (25532 bytes)                                       
New Medal to commemorate the centenary of the Apprenticeship Scheme.
Link below will take you to the application form.

01 Oct 2020.....Made contact with Paul Dorman who was an apprentice Rigger with us
at Halton. He is living north of the border in Aberdeeenshire and will hopefully be 
attending the reunion next year.

20 Apr 2020.....Really sad news today that Geordie Fishburn has passed away.

08 Sept 2019.....Pleased to say Davey Jones has now left hospital and is on the mend at home.

25 Aug 2019.....Davey Jones has suffered a heart attack and is lined up for heart bypass.
We all hope he makes a speedy recovery.

28 May 2019.....Excellent reunion in Lincoln last weekend, thanks to all who took the time to be there.
We also raised the total of 270 for Prostate Cancer this year, so well done all.

03 Feb 2019.....Below from our recently retired Dick Bothamley. On his travels in New Zealand.
DB-300119-2.jpg (66800 bytes) DB-300119-1.jpg (75211 bytes) DB-300119-3.jpg (107918 bytes)

30 Dec 2018.....I hope everyone has had a good Christmas and looking forward to the New Year.
Just heard from Dick Bothamley & Roy Davidge who have both now retired, if you should also
be on the list please let me know.

31 Oct 2018.....Below, Mick Stelmach before he goes for his pint !
BR-311018-1.jpg (88352 bytes)

28 Oct 2018.....Mick and Tracey Carter now reside in Cyprus. If you need their details
please let me know.

20 Oct 2018.....News in from Stu Thomson who has suffered a stroke several weeks ago.
He tells me he is recovering well so I'm sure you will all join me in wishing him a speedy recovery.

10 Jul 2018.....Congrats to Dick Bothamley who has become a Grandfather for the 2nd time. 
A boy Nathan Riley who weighed in at 6lbs 13ozs

29 Jun 2018.....Next reunion set for late May bank holiday next year (25-27th) near Lincoln.
If not already done so get that deposit to me ASAP.

08 Jun 2018.....Seems Keith Godden has become a Grandfather for the 4th time.
Luke Montgomery born 16.01.18, best wishes to all.

07 Jun 2018.....Trev Dutton has moved house, now resides in sunny Norfolk.

02 Jan 2018.....Happy New Year to one and all, here's wishing everyone health and happiness.

15 Dec 2017.....Seems Chris Lowe forgot to inform me of the birth of his and Anita's new Grandson Oliver,
thanks to Anita for letting me know.

01 Dec 2017.....Many congratulations to Dave & Sue Squires on the birth of their 2nd Grandchild.
Caleb Noah Michael Ballinger, weighed in at 9 lb 10.5 oz.

30 May 2017.....Excellent get together although numbers down on the Sunday, group photograph below
DT-280517-4.jpg (72575 bytes)

25 May 2017.....Well the reunion is almost upon us, weather looking good so see you all in Bristol.


08 March 2017.....Thanks to Keith Godden I made contact with Dave Crerar's son Nigel. I have
emailed the Halton information to him that I have and he sent the image below.
BR-080317-1.jpg (62041 bytes)

01 March 2017.....Many congrats to Mick and Suzanne Stelmach on the birth of their 4th Grandchild.

22 January 2017.....Congrats to Steve and Julie Blemings on the birth of their 6th grandchild, a boy.


29 December 2016.....Congrats to my son and daughter in law on the birth of our 3rd grandchild (Rosie),
both mum and baby doing well.

09 December 2016.....Very bad news announced today, RAF Halton will close by 2022


04 March 2016.....Congrats to Paul Hayworth, has now joined the Grandfathers club.


02 February 2016.....Congrats to Dave Gingell, 2nd Granddaughter arrived 2 weeks ago.

17 November 2015.....Mick Stelmach has moved up the Grandfather rankings, his 3rd born today.

25 October 2015.....My latest news

I was asked down to Halton this week by the RAFHAA, they have asked me to take on the
role of Deputy Editor for the magazine, I have accepted, (although I'm back down for
some more 'training' in a few weeks time) the next issue of the mag No.72 will have a
mention to this effect (due out mid Nov) and my first effort will be issue 73 in the new year. 

I will also be joining the RAFHAA committee which will mean the odd trip for AGM's etc 

Not sure what I am letting myself in for but I was very surprised at the association,
it is actually booming, apart from the museum they have converted the ground floor of
one of the messes into another museum, this is being filled with aircraft and other
aeronautical material. The 1st floor is now apprenticeship HQ for all apprentice

training, this includes the other schools as well. 

The place is also full of visitors and ex brats with overalls on enjoying themselves !.


31 August 2015.....Did you know that our Rod Wallace loves nothing better than getting in the kitchen with his 
apron on, seems he has been keeping it quiet but he is quite the baker, especially with his jams and cakes.

He proved this today at the Lustleigh Village Show where he won 2 cups for his marmalades and cakes,
he will be bringing samples as prizes at the next get together in 2017. (as long as I remind him !)
Well done Rodders.


30 August 2015.....Ian Hovey has notified me of a change of job after 4 years at Aldermaston (building nuclear bombs, 
oops its a secret) !, he has moved to Sizewell B, yes he loves glowing in the dark and loves being called 'Homer'.

25 August 2015.....Heard from Dave Williams, he was one of us electricians at Halton in
223, he did 6 months then transferred to 120 entry to become a Dental Technician.


17 August 2015.....Sad news that Dave Lawrence has succumbed to cancer, he passed away
yesterday after a lengthy illness. We wish his wife Marilyn and family our sincere sympathies.

(This from Paul Pickwell)

"I' ve had a few thoughts and memories of Dave since your initial email. I remember he was an enthusiastic and 
outwardly robust character from Newbury if I remember right. I don't know if you remember York flight up to 
the visit by families was that in October 1971? we had a library room run by Chris Lowe and Dave built a York 
model from a Lancaster kit with a conversion that was on display in the room. I think I'm the one to blame for 
his nickname which he hated. What happened was somebody cut his hair (might have been Roy Davidge) but 
it went wrong and they ended up cutting it skin head style to cover it up. I laughed at it and said you look like a 
Butch and it stuck. He became bitten by the sub aqua bug and spent most of his money buying kit including 
a spear gun which I think they shot through a locker one night. I remember the week before summer camp, when 
we had a bit of trouble with 219, who came across to sort us out but were ejected from the block. This was when 
Dave broke or injured his arm and then could not go on the summer camp. I cannot remember if he had a prize or 
not when we passed out but he was in the running. I find it sad we did not know he was ill but I can understand 
why he kept away.


4 June 2015.....Just heard from Paul Deakin, he is just starting his latest aeronautical adventure
with an organisation callled, 'Flight Training Europe'. One or two of you may have heard of it,
the largest training school for pilots in Europe and based in Jerez, southern Spain. 

He tells me he will be (very shortly), training cadets from airlines such as, Emirates,
BA, Flybe etc. also by the end of the year he will be a 'Standards' Instructor, so will
be monitoring/training other instructors. 

Sounds like a nice role in a nice place, (his wife Claudine is currently house hunting),
I hope it works out for him and once he is settled I will be producing the 'weekend away
list', just let me know if you want adding !. (only joking Paul, well maybe). 

Check out his new employers at:


26 May 2015.....Excellent reunion last weekend, check it out at:


09 May 2015.....Congrats to Steffie & Keith Godden on the birth of their 3rd Grandchild,
Oliver Francis Booth


27 April 2015.....Nice to hear from Colin Stockton who has been given the all clear regarding
his bowel cancer.


01 March 2015.....Reunion all set, check it out at: http://223halton.hosting.idnet.net/reunion_2015.htm
however could do with some extra numbers so if not already contacted Bob, please do so ASAP.


10 January 2015.....Many congratulations to Mick Stelmach and his wife Suzanne who celebrated their
Ruby Anniversary on the 4th of this month.


16 November 2014.....Pleased to hear that Rod Wallace has now been given the 'all clear' regarding
his bowel cancer.


27 September 2014.....Dave Gingell has advised that he now has a Granddaughter named Brook,
his first that he is aware of.


26 April 2014.....News in from Stuart Thomson regarding his wife Sheila, please see below:-

"Turns out she had temporal lobe epilepsy causing a multi seizure episode  and then she stopped breathing, 
but by that time was in ICU so the expertise was on hand. She has had a pacemaker type gadget inserted
 which will emit a regulating pulse to the brain ,same  principle as a pacemaker to the heart lets hope lt's running on 
duracells, they last forever in her rabbit".

I'm sure you will join me in wishing Sheila all the best and a full recovery


17 April 2014.....Link below will take you to Dave Squire's report on the RAFHAA AGM 
recently held at Halton on the 29th March 2014, please note comments on membership,
and also that we need more members from 223 to join the association.

Please click here

23 February 2014.....'Pancho' has moved house recently, if you need his details please get in touch.

23 January 2014.....Ian and Paul catching up, nice to see Ian on the mend
BR-230114-1.jpg (49856 bytes)   IH-030214-1.jpg (53547 bytes)
Second pic taken when Dick called on Ian 1st Feb (he never changes does he)

14 January 2014.....Heard that Ian Hovey has had a minor stroke, he is ok and been discharged from hospital
today, he informs me that one side of his face is numb and he is writing like a 4 year old.

I'm sure you will join me in wishing him a swift recovery.

04 January 2014.....Happy New Year to all

24 December 2013.....You may be interested in the latest Memorial recently unveiled at Halton
Groundcrew Memorial

30 November 2013.....Geordie Fishburn has now started Chemo treatment for his cancer

07 November 2013....Click on link below to see the Reunion write-up by Dave Gingell published in the latest edition of The Haltonian 

Reunion 2013

19 August 2013.....Latest in from Paul Deakin below:

"I decided on a wee change, one last adventure before retiring so I've taken another job......In Australia. Today (16th Aug) 
I start in Oz on my license conversion. I'm in a place called Wagga Wagga (or just plain Wogga to us locals) for about two months 
before being based in Sydney."

14 July 2013.....Myself with our eldest Granddaughter Abigail on her 3rd birthday

BR-190713-1.jpg (49013 bytes)

13 June 2013.....Many congrats to Keith Godden & Stephie who have just become Grandparents
for the second time.

29 May 2013.....A very successful reunion weekend enjoyed by all, thanks to everyone for
making the effort to be there, it was a great weekend.

13 May 2013.....Interesting information about Sheff's dad who was a P.O.W. during the war,
click button to read the article

PL-130513-4.jpg (40236 bytes) PL-130513-2.jpg (50515 bytes) PL-130513-5.jpg (39385 bytes) PL-130513-8.jpg (22123 bytes) PL-130513-7.jpg (37251 bytes)
PL-130513-1.jpg (22600 bytes) PL-130513-6.jpg (32110 bytes) PL-130513-3.jpg (37602 bytes)


07 May 2013.....For information the function room we will be using both Saturday and Sunday is 
called the 'Vision Suite' and can be found on the first floor, the hotel should have this information
displayed around reception but just in case.

Also you will not need to keep dashing down to the bar for drinks as I have arranged
for table service whilst we are in the function room so there will be someone available
to keep us supplied with the 'essentials'.

Please don't forget to bring a small gift for the raffle and this can be handed over to
myself or Yvonne on Saturday afternoon so we will have time to set up before the
evening meal, with regards to where the money should go, the choice at the moment
is the RAF Benevolent Fund, if you want it to go somewhere else please let me know
preferably before the actual weekend.

Dave Gingell has volunteered to write a post reunion write-up which I will submit to
be published in the Haltonian magazine so thanks for that Dave.

Any other issues or concerns please get back to me and don't forget to take some photographs
during the weekend so I have some material to put on to the website.

09 March 2013.....Time to send that balance to me for the reunion guys!

09 March 2013.....Geordie Fishburn informs me that he is back living in Basingstoke.

20 January 2013.....The following from Shef:

There Is  / Was  ? a Jap guy who built ( and FLEW ) quarter scale aircraft made entirely from scaled down original blueprints - using - 
Exact spec materials ( even down to alloy types ) but I lost the link.

He even rivetted them all together , no glues . wound his own mini - magneteos on his own lycoming engines from His own 
miniature castings etc. etc. only thing not truly scale were the spark plugs !

I saw him ( The Nip ) Fly ( and bin !) one some years ago at a Model Show
This link shows similar   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmRHeOyRrbE

Whilst at Halton I purchased ( From The NAAFI) and built , a 1/24 Scale Airfix Spitfire - replete with small leccy' Motor / 
Battery which span the prop for effect - an innovation at the time  ( I was Impressed at least )

Just prior to going on leave , I was repeatedly badgered to sell it by the guy in the next ( end ) bed - opposite Dave Gingell 
(who was possibly another Lewis ? we knew Him as " Geordie " ) 

Eventually , I succumbed , since the pleasure for me was in the building + I made ten - bob on the deal/

01 January 2013.....A very happy and prosperous New Year to one and all.

19 November 2012.....Shef has announced that his daughter Amy has applied to join the
RAF as a 'Snowdrop'.

20 November 2012.....You may have heard of the RAF Engineering Officer (ex 47th entry brat)
who inadvertently became airborne in a Lightning, the account below is his story published in the
latest edition of the Haltonian mag.

A Memorable Fright