cr-2.jpg (50337 bytes)  This gent I met whilst on holiday (photo taken 
in Poland), he joined the RAF in 42 as a pilot
flying Lancasters and finished in 75 flying
    Phantoms ! had a few stories to tell !!
 070804-nr-1.jpg (45014 bytes) This from Nick Rogers (car nut !) now running 350 BHP
                                               with carbon fibre bonnet ??

                                              ronh-150704-2.jpg (23762 bytes)     

These 2 pic's from Ron Hewson (215 entry) 
who works with Keith (Grollie) Godden at
Geilenkirchen on the AWAC's
, can you spot
them Keith is the big one in the middle.!

ronh-150704-1.jpg (37351 bytes)                                          

waddo-260601-1.jpg (24052 bytes)
 Look who I bumped into at Waddo
Air Show - June04, Steve (Pervy)
Foster flogging his wares !
(very good they are to !)

kemble hunter.jpg (11292 bytes)
kemble red arrows display 2.jpg (17525 bytes) kemble sea vixen.jpg (17593 bytes)
Photo's on the left taken by Dave Squires
               at Kemble Air Show


                      Below Rae Stevens new toy - 'Rosie' his
                                      Rae1.jpg (52452 bytes)

 Reliant Scimitar SS1
       Rae2.jpg (54192 bytes)

       See what our Policemen friends       
  get up to ! Dave Squires had to  
         helimed.jpg (41714 bytes)
  take Statements from the Pilot
 of this Chopper after an accident...took ages !

              How about our own 'Boy'racer   
                    lowered.jpg (44089 bytes)
                      Nick Rogers with 
                 his motor that he will be
                driving at Silverstone on
                            7th Sept....

                      So this is how those 'bankers' live            
                  in Luxembourg !!(that was bankers...)
                               PP's luxury pad !!



 PPLux1.jpg (28613 bytes) PPLux2.jpg (25075 bytes) PPLux3.jpg (25460 bytes)

             Here we see Dave Milnes 'new toy', say's
             he can now compete with Trev Dutton !!


       DavesBike.jpg (54292 bytes)

                Florida.jpg (48834 bytes)


  This is what happens when you think it's a good idea to
           ride 'Splash Mountain' at Seaworld, Florida 
                                   (April 2003) 

      Right is PJ's new business enterprise, please
  call in any time you happen to be passing Coalville...
                 (special rates for the boys)

    pj-cab.JPG (62143 bytes)

           Mini-Reunion January 2002
       Ian Hovey, Bob and Keith Bass
      (down in swede land somewhere)

                   mini-reunion 02.jpg (29282 bytes)                                  

Keiths_40th1.jpg (51138 bytes)                        

What about this little lot then -
         Keith Bass , Paul Hayworth, 
    Dick Bothamley and Keith Godden 
         at Keiths 40th birthday bash
       (many years ago I am informed)   


 Paul_Ian.jpg (26574 bytes)    dick bothamley.jpg (40307 bytes)   Gezz Goss.jpg (22868 bytes)

        another recent mini get together  -    
 Ian Hovey, Paul Pickwell, Dick Bothamley
 and this years Gurling champ Gezz Goss

     OK so who do you think this 'biker' is -
Trev Dutton still playing with his 'Leathers'

      trev1.jpg (31247 bytes)   TrevDutton 2001.jpg (39756 bytes)

                                                  Check these 3 below from 'Chalky' White

      chalky2.jpg (31850 bytes)   chalky1.jpg (53549 bytes)   chalky3.jpg (14617 bytes)

    first pic is 'Jasmin (chalky) Arafat'
   second is a man enjoying Belize and
  I'm not sure if I should mention the 3rd
  which is 'Pookie Tinfurther' who was
     runner up in the 'Miss Bulldog'     
  championships at Goose Bay  (no comment)
                Ian Hovey in his natural habitat -
                    "playing with his Banjo"

          ianGuitar1.jpg (23530 bytes)      steve & ian.jpg (54434 bytes)

                        philCubs.jpg (35051 bytes) 
  So this is what Phil does in his spare time..
          philScott.jpg (37984 bytes)  
Phil at West Raynham ?
     How about this Mel Gibson  
         lookalike (I don't think) 
            Mc PJ Braveheart

        PJ_Braveheart.jpg (41227 bytes)


        Ian_Mush.jpg (34778 bytes)

    Ian 'Mush' Hovey on his
       trip to the North pole

                     The Following from Ken Waugh who is playing in the desert in Oman 2002      
                   KenWaugh-bondu op.jpg (37956 bytes)   KWcamels.jpg (15479 bytes)   KWken o side 3.jpg (38460 bytes)   KWhouse.jpg (17039 bytes)
A view of Duxford's American museum and flight line Aug 2002
          taken by me from one of the 2 Rapide's based there
                           Duxford2002.jpg (37489 bytes)

Dw&Bob.jpg (32057 bytes)
Bob & DW Jones meet up at 
Cosford's museum Sept 2002

   The following pic's are from our local 'pilot' Rich Hopkins who
as you can see built and flies his own 'kite' 
 from this  Kit 1.jpg (32546 bytes) Kit 4.jpg (43875 bytes) Kit 8.jpg (61334 bytes)
Kit 9.jpg (30042 bytes) Kit 11.jpg (42228 bytes) Kit 12.jpg (40388 bytes)
           Kit 13.jpg (49123 bytes) Kit 14.jpg (28545 bytes) Kit 15.jpg (34521 bytes) Jim & Richard 1.jpg (20437 bytes) to this
well done Rich and I'll risk it when I'm down your way next.

    Dave (I, I Cap'n) Milnes Dec 2002 

        pugwash.JPG (29727 bytes)                   car 2.JPG (40379 bytes) 
      These 2 are from Chris Lowe
  cl1.jpg (47036 bytes)
 with his latest pride & joy