Recognize anyone then ? 
                                  pic not very good but if you have names
                                  please send (can make out Rod Wallace
                                 Paul White, Don Tanner, Steve Bunfield
                                 Taff Wilson, Mick Wright, Tom Sawyer
                                 Dave Squires and Mick Stelmach not 
                                 sure about the rest)Thanks for the help..     
  mob.jpg (44511 bytes)                       taff12.jpg (32442 bytes)
                                     Here you see a fine example of
                                       70's fashion as shown by our
                                         two 'models' Steve & Don !

                             Keithleaving.jpg (9807 bytes)      KeithGodden7th.jpg (44852 bytes)    and what about this bloke on the day he
            left Halton - Keith Godden
                                             Just look at these 4 setting out to
                                      cause mayhem on an unsuspecting capital.
                                                (Shep, Keith, Colin and Roy)
  london1.jpg (22145 bytes)                    taff11.jpg (33622 bytes)  
Ok so who are these with
                                                     Steve Smyth ? 
                                                  MickStelmachWales.jpg (27981 bytes)    MickStelmachWales2.jpg (32852 bytes) more from Wales - on the left
 Mick Stelmach, Tom Sawyer, Don     Tanner,Chalky,Steve Smyth and Jock Kerr.

Pic on right is 'Indiana' Mick Stelmach      
                 'Jankers hill '    

                  taff7.jpg (33153 bytes) 

              DW&Co.jpg (16930 bytes)

      DW, Rae, PP & Tom
                           Not sure about these 3
                                 although one of them is
                                         Ken Crozier

                               taff4.jpg (20002 bytes)   

                    Alf2.jpg (34789 bytes)
Ken Waugh, Dave Foster, Steve Adams, Bob Wilson, Alfie Bass, 
     'Pancho', Dave Crerar   
               george&don.jpg (13607 bytes) 
                Don & Jock
                  12_wing.jpg (71905 bytes)
       looking down onto 1 & 2 wing

                                                             The following from Dave Shephards collection -

     shep1.jpg (25248 bytes)     shep10.jpg (32608 bytes)     shep11.jpg (59743 bytes)     shep13.jpg (43880 bytes)    shep12.jpg (46216 bytes)
     shep14.jpg (30244 bytes)     shep15.jpg (28418 bytes)     shep2.jpg (52748 bytes)      shep3.jpg (26034 bytes)    shep4.jpg (31015 bytes)  
     shep5.jpg (25021 bytes)     shep6.jpg (32554 bytes)     shep7.jpg (39039 bytes)      shep8.jpg (32503 bytes)    shep9.jpg (33458 bytes)