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After all the stick Pancho got at the reunion he decides it's time for a trim !.
(check out the mad woman in the mirror ! (only joking Mary))

BR-030821-3.jpeg (94054 bytes) BR-030821-2.jpeg (151476 bytes) BR-030821-1.jpeg (100375 bytes)

These from Ken Waugh
BR-050121-02.jpg (98730 bytes) BR-050121-05.jpg (108189 bytes) BR-050121-01.jpg (157523 bytes) BR-050121-04.jpg (107406 bytes) BR-050121-06.jpg (82545 bytes) BR-050121-03.jpg (106263 bytes)

Quick meet with Steve & Julie Blemings while in and around Aylesbury 23/10/2020.
BR-231020-1.png (1079550 bytes)

Dick Bothamley proudly displays his latest Grandson named Carter, 
born Sept 30th. Both mother and baby doing well.
DB-111019-1.jpg (78051 bytes)

These 2 from Dave Gingell, just back 
from a visit to Arnhem. (Sept 2019)
DG-290919-1.jpg (156296 bytes) DG-290919-2.jpg (38956 bytes)

Lucky Steve Foster managed to get a trip with 101 Squadron 
at Brize Norton, thanks to the 101 Association.
Jammy begger (Sept 2019)

SF-280919-2.jpg (42839 bytes) SF-280919-1.jpg (148029 bytes) SF-280919-3.jpg (61354 bytes)
SF-280919-4.jpg (65463 bytes) SF-280919-5.jpg (53667 bytes) SF-280919-6.jpg (70915 bytes)

Rich Hopkins enjoying a trip in a Spit (Sept 2019)
at Biggin Hill

BR-080919-3.jpg (19066 bytes) BR-080919-1.jpg (20285 bytes) BR-080919-2.jpg (18478 bytes)
BR-080919-4.jpg (15861 bytes) BR-080919-5.jpg (13060 bytes)

Rae Stevens, the day he retired from Thomson Airways back in 2015

Duxford, 23 Aug 2019
quick trip in a Dragon Rapide. (good fun)

BR-180819-1.jpg (59308 bytes)

Duxford - 230819 - original.jpg (163705 bytes)

This from Paul Deakin before a trip with a Flybe cadet.
PD-301218-1.jpg (110075 bytes)

What about these 3, not sure when taken but Don looks like mid - late 70's to me ?.
From the left, Mick Stelmach, Ken Ryan & Don Tanner.
MS-240916-1.jpg (81173 bytes) KR-240916-1.jpg (86724 bytes) DT-240916-1.jpg (97209 bytes)

Latest from Chris on his travels

BR-230716-3.jpg (60567 bytes) BR-230716-1.jpg (46174 bytes) BR-230716-2.jpg (71065 bytes)

Chris Lowe

CL-020416-3.jpg (62453 bytes) CL-020416-4.jpg (8451 bytes) CL-020416-1.jpg (73439 bytes) CL-020416-2.jpg (72580 bytes)

This from Mr. Tanner who is wearing his favourite attire (Lycra)
DT-280316-1.jpg (83859 bytes)
March 2016

Nice to see Paul Deakin & Dave Gingell this evening, it's been a while since I last saw Paul (over 40 years !) Ian, performing at Weeting Village Fair
May 2015
BR-220115-1.jpg (138142 bytes)
22 January 2015
IH-300515-1.jpg (79123 bytes)

Latest from Mr. (Jock) Kerr
Paul Bedward during one of his trips
to Amsterdam (@1980)
PB-070615-1.jpg (53815 bytes)

Below supplied by Ed Boswell (via Ian) who is an old friend of Don's, he knew Don at Brize 
when he was a J/T, as I understand it, it takes pride of place on Don's mantle !.

BR-190514-1.jpg (63249 bytes)

PD-020214-Halton.jpg (15817 bytes)

02 Feb 2014 - This update from Paul Deakin in Oz:-
A quick update from Oz as I've got a few days at home in Sydney before being subject to simulator training in Melbourne. So far I'm enjoying it out here. In Sydney, the temp at the mo is abound 25 - 30c which is just right for me but it was a bit warmer at 40 in Wagga Wagga where I've being operating recently.

Recently for the first time in my life I saw santa in a beach buggy complete with surfboard and some rather nice looking helpers, much better than standing in the cold watching santa get out of a Sea king in the horizontal rain/snow in Troon back there in Scotland. There's a photo from my office as I return in to Sydney from a trip out in to the bondu, one of the plus points in operating here.

Aircraft wise for the boys that worked in Thailand is one of my aircraft, the Saab 340 in NOK mini colours which operated out of Chang Mai, my company (Rex) decided to keep it in the colours you see, probably they don't want the expense of painting it in our company scheme! The other two are an air tractor and a Sky crane which are both water bombers which have been a bit busy of late.
Lastly there's a photo of Claudine & myself on the beach and the obligatory one in front of the opera house. just a few minutes walk from where we live in Cronulla, I thought Id better add this one because I doubt very much that people remember me from all those years ago.
PD-020214-2.jpg (41097 bytes) PD-020214-1.jpg (54329 bytes) PD-020214-7.jpg (34630 bytes) PD-020214-3.jpg (85124 bytes) PD-020214-5.jpg (81521 bytes) PD-020214-6.jpg (51806 bytes) PD-020214-4.jpg (52172 bytes)

Below extracts from RAF Laarbruch Handbook (70's/80's)
BR-181213-2.jpg (66984 bytes) BR-181213-4.jpg (111933 bytes) BR-181213-1.jpg (84144 bytes) BR-181213-3.jpg (140198 bytes)

These two of Nick Rogers, 1st one 1980, 2nd one 1970
BR-070913-1.jpg (68212 bytes) BR-070913-2.jpg (63907 bytes)

This pic 'borrowed' off Facebook, shows John Kerr with his latest band
BR-240713-1.jpg (97848 bytes)

Photographs of Don Tanners new cycle helmet (waiting for the shots of him wearing it!)
nice touch with the 223 Scorpion
Dt-080513-1.jpg (25323 bytes) DT-080513-2.JPG (97652 bytes)

                           Ian Hovey's new motor
                           (yes it is an 1981 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit)
IH-010413-6.jpg (66496 bytes) IH-010413-5.jpg (71006 bytes) IH-100615-1.jpg (121443 bytes) IH-010413-3.jpg (73199 bytes) IH-010413-4.jpg (64887 bytes) IH-010413-2.jpg (64604 bytes)

RW-291012-1.jpg (23951 bytes) Rod Wallace starts training for next years get together

Below Davey & Irene Jones just back from sunny Jamaica

DW-281012-1.jpg (20933 bytes) DW-281012-2.jpg (26196 bytes) DW-281012-3.jpg (24354 bytes) DW-281012-4.jpg (24601 bytes)

Dave Squires

DS-121012-1.jpg (29599 bytes)
Not something that you see often, with the Halton Aircraft Apprentices Association Golf Society on Wednesday at Chestfield Downs near Stevenage SG4 7EQ    at the southern boundary of the course a private air strip encroaches onto the course.
Sign reads;
Aircraft use the airstrip
parallel to the 3rd hole
when siren sounds
stand clear of the approach
to the landing strip

These from Pete Lewis:
Happy to say Cadet Cpl. Amy Lewis of 303 ( Worksop ) ATC Sqdn  successfully 
completed a week's leadership course at R.A.F  Cranwell (28.07.12)

PL-290712-8.jpg (101085 bytes) PL-290712-5.jpg (12608 bytes) PL-290712-6.jpg (11127 bytes) PL-290712-7.jpg (97085 bytes)
PL-290712-1.jpg (100634 bytes) PL-290712-3.jpg (52646 bytes) PL-290712-2.jpg (51019 bytes) PL-290712-9.jpg (94486 bytes)

This is Ian Hovey's new toy!
IH-150712-1.jpg (62114 bytes) IH-150712-4.jpg (50129 bytes) IH-150712-3.jpg (51160 bytes)

What do you think of Trev Dutton's new look for New years eve 2011
TD-311211-1.jpg (67763 bytes)

New years photograph of Paul Deakin with his family Claudine & Jonathon
PD-020112-1.jpg (26433 bytes)

Rod on his recent Adriatic trip, looks well prepared for that Trawler!
RW-141111-1.jpg (23740 bytes)

These from Dave Squires 2011 trip to Florida (yes he goes every year)

"Yes Marilyn, I would
love to shake something!"
DS-261011-2.jpg (50471 bytes)

Meet the Astronauts
DS-261011-1.jpg (31980 bytes)

New pal Ally...
DS-261011-3.jpg (47018 bytes)

Duxford Air Show 3rd September 2011 (rather warm!)
photographs from myself & Dave Milnes
BR-030911-2.jpg (27817 bytes) BR-030911-1.jpg (28976 bytes) BR-030911-3.jpg (32418 bytes)
DM-090911-1.jpg (18698 bytes) DM-090911-2.jpg (19199 bytes) DM-090911-4.jpg (5874 bytes) DM-090911-5.jpg (20788 bytes)

These two from Stuart Thomson
 ST-260511-1.jpg (15174 bytes) 

 ST-260511-2.jpg (22998 bytes)


and this one from Pete Lewis with
his daughter Amy
PL-260511.jpg (26268 bytes)

Following on from the Vulcan pic's taken at Finningley or should I say 'Robin Hood Airport'
by Dave Milnes, these below from Rae Stevens who says his 737 was parked next door!.

RS-010511-1.jpg (21379 bytes) RS-010511-2.jpg (15803 bytes) RS-010511-3.jpg (16646 bytes)

 Look at these from Paul Hayworth as his company takes delivery of 
their new Gateguard, oh and should you wish to lend a hand ..........

PH-140910-1.jpg (22311 bytes) PH-140910-2.jpg (33451 bytes) PH-140910-3.jpg (27235 bytes) PH-140910-4.jpg (18313 bytes) PH-140910-5.jpg (19267 bytes)

How about this one of Dave & Sue on their wedding day 1979

DS-260210-1.jpg (23000 bytes)


check this one of Davey Jones on a trek up Snowdon (August 2010)

DW-070910-1.jpg (20396 bytes)


This from Ken Waugh, taken when he was working in Oman

kw-200210-1.jpg (18786 bytes)

Click link below for Trev Dutton's latest album

Below from Dave Squires on his recent visit to Florida,
he found the B17 was on a tour of the states giving pleasure flights.
As for the others !!!

DS-131109-8.jpg (16975 bytes) DS-131109-7.jpg (15819 bytes) DS-131109-6.jpg (19810 bytes) DS-131109-1.jpg (22162 bytes)
DS-131109-9.jpg (17070 bytes) DS-131109-3.jpg (21157 bytes) DS-131109-2.jpg (24800 bytes)
DS-131109-4.jpg (26528 bytes)

Rich Hopkins recently completed a trip to Peenemunde the WWII German V-1 & V-2 test site on the 
German/Polish border in his aircraft, 16 hours flying time and lot's of miles. 
Below some of the photograph's he took.
RH-171009-2.jpg (14459 bytes) RH-171009-6.jpg (6672 bytes) RH-171009-1.jpg (10304 bytes) RH-171009-3.jpg (11691 bytes) RH-171009-5.jpg (5704 bytes) RH-171009-4.jpg (19547 bytes)

The following from Nick Rogers and his work in sunny Thailand:-

Just thought I would keep you abreast of my movements and stuff. I will attach a couple of pictures from our site in Thailand, progress 
at last. All the piling has been done, the excavation for the pit under the irradiator is under way and I have to keep going out there to check up 
on it all, bloody nuisance but hey ho, its a hard life sometimes. We have one set of sub contractors building the body of the 
irradiator  and another lot making the moving parts that fit inside, some bunch of dodgy sods are making the Cobalt 60,  good for them I 
dont want to get too close to that stuff. We have to put it all together and do a factory aceptance test over here in November, hysterical laughter 
is coming from me, some chance of being on time for that.... So anyway here are some pics, the ceremonial beating in of the first 
pile, with a Buddhist monk doing his thing, then some pictures of a muddy hole. The people doing all the re bar work are girls, they dress like that 
due to keeping the sun off, not cos its bloody cold. The men kindly sit on the side and pass them re bar when they need it. Just like home eh ?

NR-180909-1.jpg (43034 bytes) NR-180909-2.jpg (43561 bytes) NR-180909-3.jpg (56743 bytes) NR-180909-4.jpg (65483 bytes) NR-180909-5.jpg (41011 bytes)

Self indulgence here I'm afraid, my daughter Heather's wedding 15th August 2009

RR-180809-1.jpg (45216 bytes)

jk-130709-2.jpg (52294 bytes) jk-130709-3.jpg (29084 bytes) Paul & Mary on their visit to John Kerr's farm in Wales.
(left - which one is Bill & which is Ben ?)
jk-130709-4.jpg (27332 bytes) jk-130709-1.jpg (54264 bytes)

These from Nick Rogers when he dropped into     Old Warden NR-120709-1.jpg (34740 bytes) NR-120709-2.jpg (46479 bytes) NR-120709-3.jpg (54907 bytes)

DS-030709-1.jpg (50250 bytes) 3rd July 2009, Dave Squires visiting Staverton when he was in the area

This one was in the Summer 2009 edition of the Haltonian and shows Ron Hearfield at Brize RH-280609-1.jpg (38300 bytes)

RH-200609-4.jpg (36361 bytes) RH-200609-1.jpg (59756 bytes)
Rich, myself & 
Dave Milnes
These taken 20th June 2009 at Rolls-Royce Merlin Pageant Hucknall, 
by Myself & Rich Hopkins 
when he few in for a couple of hours.
RH-200609-2.jpg (50975 bytes) RH-200609-3.jpg (34826 bytes)

RH-210609-4.jpg (28941 bytes)

RH-210609-1.jpg (27787 bytes)

RH-210609-3.jpg (28861 bytes)

RH-210609-2.jpg (16903 bytes)

DW-060609-1.jpg (13680 bytes) Check this one left of Davey & Lynn a few years ago .......... These 2 on the right are of our intrepid Detective Hercule Poirot (Rod) on a case in Syria.... RW-090609-1.jpg (38385 bytes) RW-090609-2.jpg (52925 bytes)

AB-100609-3.jpg (32348 bytes) These 2 taken by Keith on his visit to 'Pancho's' home AB-100609-4.jpg (34702 bytes)

Photo of Taff Wilson with the ATC, old & new
bw-040609-1.jpg (35735 bytes)  BW-050609-1.jpg (44530 bytes)  BW-050609-2.jpg (52039 bytes)

Pic just found - me in 1985 working as a Test Engineer at Plessey's in Nottingham .....

br-030509-1.jpg (51707 bytes)

Look who's got a new toy then ...............
that's right - Jan !

ih-240409-1.jpg (94540 bytes) ih-240409-2.jpg (77729 bytes) ih-240409-3.jpg (97197 bytes)

dt-010409-1.jpg (55320 bytes) Check out these 2 from Don Tanner,
still competing on behalf of the RAF.  
(fit bugger)
dt-010409-2.jpg (68551 bytes)

kw-060209-1.jpg (26850 bytes) kw-060209-4.jpg (35119 bytes) Check out these from Ken Waugh in Dubai who has decided to shovel some money into the bank before retirement. kw-060209-3.jpg (36173 bytes) kw-060209-2.jpg (33877 bytes)

Bob Wilson circa 1988                                               and 1989         
(check out the jumper !)                                            (and those PJ's)     

bw-030209-1.jpg (35553 bytes) bw-080209-1.jpg (42695 bytes)

Just surfaced, can you guess who this good looking lad is:
ih-241208-1.gif (42604 bytes) ih-241208-2.gif (69445 bytes)
that's right Ian Hovey before he found other interests !.

gg-301108-1.jpg (40186 bytes) On the left a very nice photograph of Mr. Goss hard at work !.

On the right Trev Dutton collecting his 1300 post classic 3rd place trophy. (Well done Trev)

td-141208-1.jpg (64281 bytes)

Check out Steve Farmery's latest Grandchild:
sf-281008-1.jpg (53544 bytes)

These two from Ken Waugh at Netheravon where he has been working.
kw-231008-1.jpg (45642 bytes) kw-231008-2.jpg (49298 bytes)

ds-130308-1.jpg (43504 bytes)

These two from Dave Squires whilst attending 
RAF Halton 
12th March 2008

ds-130308-2.jpg (37425 bytes)

This one taken last year over Lincoln
jb-200208-1.jpg (50162 bytes)
Thanks to Jim, another ex 'Sooty'

These 2 from Jock Strachan when he was on the trawlers......
gs-140208-1.jpg (31046 bytes) gs-140208-2.jpg (24592 bytes)

rw-210108-1.jpg (40477 bytes)


Rod & Lis Wallace taken at Crac-desChevalier in Syria the most perfectly preserved crusader castle in the middle east (check out those pyjamas !)

How about this photo taken 1978 at Valley showing Geordie Fishburn (thanks to Dick Bothamley)



db-310108-1.jpg (43832 bytes)


         nr-241107-1.jpg (53210 bytes)

Nick with Thai visitors to his company
(he's the short one at the front !)

So this is what Pete Lewis (Shef) gets up to ! 

pl-130607-1.jpg (35292 bytes)

kg-220907-1.jpg (37943 bytes) These from Keith Godden
photo on left last July in Alaska,
on right with his pals at German cup final in Berlin.
kg-220907-2.jpg (39427 bytes)

Below is Ian with his new band, on the second pic I think he is the big one second from left...

ih-040807-1.jpg (45978 bytes) ih-040807-3.jpg (36297 bytes) ih-040807-2.jpg (46185 bytes)

This is a 'first' of the Sentinel in formation with the Red Arrows which 
I took at RAF Waddington Airshow 30th June 2007

br-300607-1.jpg (26132 bytes)

'Pancho' through the ages:

These from Ian's latest expedition to Alaska:-
first pic shows him conquering Wisilla, Alaska,
second shows how hard the transportation links are - a toaster on wheels !
third shows the oustanding view when you look out your bedroon window,
fourth shows what happens when you go native !

ih-010407-2.jpg (24444 bytes) ih-010407-4.jpg (22946 bytes) ih-010407-3.jpg (22253 bytes) ih-010407-1.jpg (20846 bytes)

The following are of Tony Newman
(he hasn't changed much !)

tn-250307-1.jpg (39910 bytes)  tn-250307-2.jpg (54146 bytes)  tn-250307-3.jpg (29296 bytes)  tn-250307-4.jpg (35655 bytes)

The following from Dave Squires who attended an exhibition at Halton 22nd March 2007

           ds-240307-4.jpg (38287 bytes) 
   workshops where the 
   Sea Hawks and Sea 
   vixens used to be
     ds-240307-1.jpg (39468 bytes)
Doors where they 
got the aircraft in/out
      ds-240307-2.jpg (43450 bytes)
Adjacent to where the       hydraulics /pneumatics     used to be laid out
     ds-240307-3.jpg (38184 bytes)
opposite to 2nd image
  ds-240307-5.jpg (20787 bytes)
Airfields looking    towards main road 

                     bw-070307-1.jpg (24491 bytes) Bob Wilson's 3rd Grandchild 'Bobby' born 5th March 07 looks just like him ! bw-070307-2.jpg (28050 bytes)          

                Just surfaced - Jock's wedding last October (nice skirt)
                                                js-011206-1.jpg (37780 bytes)


                       Ken Waugh with one of his Gazelle's
                                          kw-221206-1.jpg (41982 bytes)     

These pic's from Dave Squires latest cruise to the Fjords
ds 251106-1.jpg (16613 bytes) ds 251106-2.jpg (18677 bytes) ds 251106-3.jpg (19316 bytes)

and these from Rae Stevens showing Robin Hood Airport present day or RAF Finningley as we know it
rs-251106-1.jpg (31773 bytes) rs-251106-2.jpg (25550 bytes) rs-251106-3.jpg (39618 bytes)

Congrats to Rae Stevens & Julie who were married 18 October in Cyprus, I'm sure
you will join me in wishing them all the very best for the future and we look forward
to meeting Julie at the next reunion.
rs-301006-2.jpg (65488 bytes) rs-301006-1.jpg (68690 bytes) rs-301006-3.jpg (73128 bytes)

Here's health freak Rod on his lunchbreak during a hard days racing at the Dartmouth regatta !
rw-310806-1.jpg (44944 bytes) 

Just look at Taff now:-
bw-310706-1.jpg (50006 bytes) bw-310706-3.jpg (38028 bytes) bw-310706-2.jpg (51509 bytes)

Rod Wallace on his latest sailing trip - well he looks the part
rw-310706-2.jpg (31845 bytes) rw-310706-3.jpg (50708 bytes)

Keith's first Grandchild (so he says !),  grandaughter Faye grollie.JPG (44129 bytes)

Ian and Vicki Michelle-mini.jpg (57353 bytes) Look at this lucky bugger !! friends with Vicky (where's that flying helmet.....)  

Check this pic of Gezz Goss in the 80's at Dofa jezz2.jpg (24991 bytes) look he even has hair !!

How about this pic of Bangkok taken by NR-120206-1.jpg (58656 bytes) Nick Rogers recently when he was over there on work duties - believe that and you will believe anything !! 

Long shot of the site where Nick is installing a gamma greenhouse for research on plant mutation for Malaysian Institute of   NR-120206-2.jpg (46181 bytes) Nuclear Technology ? (I thought he was a Rigger?)    NR-120206-3.jpg (50137 bytes) Downtown Kajang

 Pic of the bones of the gamma greenhouse NR-120206-4.jpg (56391 bytes)    These women got in the way of the camera ! NR-120206-5.jpg (43366 bytes)

The following taken at RAF Finningley 1981, see if you can spot Dave Gingell !
(hint - he has a dead rat on his top lip !)
DG-120106-1.jpg (54910 bytes)

      Another pic of Ian in the 80's                                               and look what Jock Kerr got for his 50th !!

                                                                            ih-140405-1.jpg (40579 bytes)                                                                                JK-040805-1.jpg (51010 bytes)       
                                                                                                                                                               I think he prefers the sheep in the background really !

 Look who bumped into each other whilst on holiday  in Cyprus
                                    kb-200305-2.jpg (26555 bytes)
                             Keith Bass & Phil Scott
                     (I think they make a lovely couple !)
   Sir Prancalot  !
  ih-200305-1.jpg (35147 bytes)
      Ian & Jan

Steve Foster & Dave Squires meet up at an Airshow

dave&steve.jpg (43098 bytes)

Why we have standard operational procedures. I bet that woke them up in the back.
(From Rod Wallace)
 Last week one C-23 Sherpas flew into a US operated airfield in Iraq during the day and saw there was construction equipment on the runway.
Yet there was no NOTAM (notice to airmen). A trench was being dug in the runway, and it was not marked. Its a long runway and they just
landed beyond the construction. They filed a safety hazard report that was immediately forwarded to our higher headquarters and to the Air
Force wing based here.
 Well, it seems the construction continued and still was not marked or NOTAMed or anything. A C-130 landed on the runway the night of the 29th
and didn't see the construction. It wound up going through what is now a large pit on the runway. A few pictures are attached. The C-130 was
totaled. There were several injuries to the crew and the few passengers that were on board but luckily nobody was killed. Quite the set of
failures somewhere in the system regarding this improper construction and no notifications about it

rw-240105-1.jpg (31998 bytes) rw-240105-2.jpg (28736 bytes) rw-240105-3.jpg (39316 bytes) rw-240105-4.jpg (29796 bytes)

The following are photographs from Rich Hopkins and show him enjoying his new kite ?

rh-180105-3.jpeg (52760 bytes) rh-180105-2.jpeg (41837 bytes) rh-180105-4.jpeg (53628 bytes)

 rw-231104-1.jpg (18918 bytes)

These 2 taken from a 'Herc' during the first Gulf War by Rod Wallace - (its taken him a few years to find them !)

 rw-231104-2.jpg (21336 bytes)

These 3 photo's taken at Bruntingthorpe with myself & Dave Milnes (September 2004)

                                                                  050904-bruntingthorpe-1.jpg (25705 bytes)

050904-bruntingthorpe-2.jpg (27274 bytes)

     050904-bruntingthorpe-3.jpg (24912 bytes)