( Or what you guy's have been up to since you left the mob )
(as suggested by John Kerr)



Keith Bass

Lotus Engineering - Norwich                            
KLM - Norwich Airport                                    
KLM - Norwich Airport                                 


Project Engineer
Maintenance Planning Engineer
Retired man of leisure

Steve Bunfield

British Airways                                                 
British Airways                                                 

Ground Engineer
Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Mick Carter 

Padfields Barnstaple                                     

Warehouse Manager

Paul Deakin

Devon School of Flying                                    
Air Service Training - Perth                            
Air Atlantique - Coventry                                
BAE - Prestwick                                               
Flight Safety - Florida                                      
Qatar Aeronautical College - Doha                
Western Michigan University - USA              
Loganair - Glasgow    

REX - Australia  
Flight Training Europe - Spain                              

PPL Instructor
Commercial Ground Instructor
Technical/Flying Instructor
Commercial Flying Instructor
Commercial Flying Instructor
Commercial Flying Instructor
Commercial Flying Instructor
Pilot, Air Ambulance (BN2)
Pilot, Twin Otter (DH6)
Line Instructor, SAAB 340
Training Captain


Pete Dunne

Pitney Bowes plc                                              
Vitra Ltd                                                           


Sales & Management
Sales & Management

Trevor Dutton

Bae - Warton    
Marshalls - Cambridge    
Lola Cars
Shopfitting Company                                        

Contract Designer

OEM Design Manager

Steve Farmery

G.E. Lighting Leicester                                    
P.A.S. Grantham                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Misys Banking Luxembourg                         
State Street Financial Centre                           
(Shareholder Division Luxembourg)

Packing Technician
Packing Area Supervisor
Packing Area Engineer
Training Manager

Training & Development Manager (Global)
European Sales Consultant
Training and Development Manager

Senior Business Communications Trainer

Steve Foster

West Midlands Police                                        


Retired man of leisure

Phil Francis

Michelin Tyre Company - Dundee                    
Divex Ltd - Aberdeen                                         
Monitor Systems Scotland - Aberdeen             
Swire Oilfield Services                                       


Engineering Workshop Manager
Engineering Workshop Manager
Operations Manager
Operations Manager

Duncan Furniss

Marshalls - Cambridge
Rolls Royce - Hucknall
Kimberley Caravans

Dave Gingell

Channel Express                                                 


Aircraft Engineer
Licensed B1 Engineer

Keith Godden

Soest - Germany                                                 
NATO - Germany                                               


Entertainment Rep
Senior Aircraft Systems Specialist

Gezz Goss

Saudi Arabia                                                       
PI Foods                                                              


Maintenance Engineer

Terry Hayward

RAF wyton                                                 

Hercules Intergrated Project Team                                                                          


Hercules TriStar Project Team (MoD)
Marshall Aerospace Cambridge



LITS Computer systems specialist

LITS computer systems specialist (C2)
Hercules Fleet Manager (C2)
Aircraft Configuration Manager (C2)
Airframe/Mechanical Systems Engineering Officer (C2)

Airframe/Mechanical Systems Engineering Officer
(C2 with Airworthiness Sign Off for Hercules C130-K and C130-J Aircraft)

Paul Hayworth 

British International Helicopters North Sea
Rolls Woodgroup                                                

Transcanada Turbines Canada                       
Mortgage Advice Brokers                                 
Alba Power                                                          

Jet Engine Inspector
Chief Inspector Rolls Royce
Project Engineer

Ian Hovey

Fairflight - Biggin Hill                                        
Rolls Royce - Hucknall                                     
Airworks - Oman                                                
Manpower Services - Fareham                         
Kelvin Hughes - Essex                                      
Nuclear Electric - Essex                                    
Hoves Music Shop - Essex                                
Hunterskil Howard - Stevenage                        
Matra BAe - Stevenage                                     
MBDA - Stevenage                                            
Marshalls - Cambridge                                       
Astrium - Portsmouth                                          
Martin Baker                                                      
Thales - Crawley                                                 
General Dynamics (Wales)                                
Smiths Detection (Watford)                               
AWE - Aldermaston                                           


Aircraft Inspector
Test Bed Engineer
Leading Hand Engineer
Technical Author
Technical Author
Technical Author
Seawolf Technical Administrator
Task Holder
Technical Author 
Technical Author (Contract)
Technical Author
Technical Author
Technical Author
Technical Author
Contract Author
Contract Author
Contract Author

Dave W Jones

Alcan - Bridgnorth                                             
Howmet - Exeter                                                


Leading Systems Technician

Phil Jones                                                          

Own Business                                                    
Own Ltd Company   


Service engineer. Injection moulding machines
R&D Process technician

Machinery repairs
Contract engineer to Petroleum flare & incinerator industry.

John Kerr

Band - Scotland                                                   

University - St.Andrews                                    
National Chemical Centre - Harwell                 
A.E.A. Technology - Harwell                             
Acquisition & Environmental - Oxon


Played Drums full time
Insulated Houses
Studying Chemistry
Chemical Information Manager
Environmental Business
Independent Consultant

Chris Lowe 

Own MGB/car restoration business - Swindon
Semi - retirement - Spain

Dave Milnes 

South Humber Bank Power Station                 
Astra Zeneca - Loughborough                         
Central Trains                                                  

Operations Technician
Shift Operations Leader
Train driver

Carl Reynolds

London Metropolitan Police                             
Self Employed
Own property maintenance company               


Thames Valley Police


Bob Rodham

British Aerospace - Saudi                                
Pye - Newmarket                                             
Plessey - Nottingham                                        
GPT - Nottingham

Siemens - East Midlands                                  
Marconi - Nottingham                                      
Wyko Calibration                                              
Vanderlande Industries                                     
Whiteley Electronics                                        
Infotec - Ashby                                                  

Zip - Norwich                                                      
Bell - London                                                      
Esprit Automation - Nottingham                       
CMS Group - Nottingham
WB Power - Nottingham                                    
Daly Telecom - Loughborough                          
Campbells Scientific - Shepshed                        
Cad-Cam Technology - Nottingham                  
Universal Powers Systems - Loughborough       
Newgate - Newark                                              
Reflex Systems - Rotherham                             
Powernetics - Loughborough                    
Airquick - Newark                                              
Castle College - Nottingham                              
Powertecnique - Southampton                            
Rolls-Royce - Derby                                           
New College Nottingham                                    
EvoEnergy - Nottingham                                    
Rolls-Royce - Derby

Technician Trainer
Test Engineer
Test Engineer Digital Telecomms
Test Engineer
System Proving Engineer Network Management
Field Engineer Telecomms
Software Test Analyst/Manager - Optical Netwrks Calibration Calibration Engineer
Control/Systems Engineer
Quality Control Manager
Customer Support Manager
East Midlands Service Engineer
Telecoms Field Engineer

QA/Test Engineer
Support Engineer
Projects Engineer
Operations Manager
Projects Manager
Production Manager 

Projects/Operations Manager
Contracts Manager
Contracts Manager
Production Manager
Service Manager
Electrical Lecturer
Projects Manager
Electrical Lecturer
Health & Safety Manager
Apprentice Development Leader
Apprentice Co-ordinator

Phil Scott

Dalkia ETS                                                        

Static Site Engineer 
Area Service Supervisor

Dave Shephard

Construction Supply
WM Owlett
Forest Fixing (own business)


Rae  Stevens

Alidair - East Midlands Airport                        
Fields/Hunting - East Mids Airport                  
Regional Aircraft Engineering Ltd 
Thomson Airways - Doncaster                  


Airframe/Engine Fitter
Aircraft  Maintenance Manager
Licensed A & C Engineer traveling UK/Europe
Station Engineer

Dave Squires

sales and marketing course
Life insurance                                                    
British Transport Police - Birmingham            
British Transport Police - Coventry                 
British Transport Police - West Area               

Crime Reduction & Architectural Liaison Officer

Rod Wallace

UKAEA - Culham Labs                                    
UKAEA - Harwell Labs
Called up for Gulf War - R Aux AF
Teignbridge District Council                            

Maintenance Electrician
Electrical Foreman

PC Technician
Infrastructure Technician
Computer Services Manager                                  

Bob Wilson

Pye Communications                                        
Top Rank Club                                                 
Morganite Electrical Carbon                           
BP Chemicals
Institute of Leadership & Management  
Crown Training Academy


Communications Technician
Part Time Doorman
Production Team Leader
Project Manager
Consultant lecturer
Training & Quality Manager