First Major Entry Reunion 6/7 April 2002


Saturday afternoon and old familiar faces start to appear in the bar "is that" "bloody hell
it can't be" , "look at the hair on that" or lack of it as the case may be.
Pretty soon the noise level increases as we all get re-acquainted and
reminisce about those
long lost Halton days.

Many thanks to all for making the effort to attend especially those who travelled from far
and wide, on a personal note Yvonne and myself would just like to thank everyone for the
gifts that we received , it was a very kind gesture especially from Dave Squires who was
the secret organizer.

The evening proceeded well mostly with 29 years of catching up, and later retiring to the
bar where I believe some people were still 'chewing the fat' at 4 am !

Several people mentioned doing it all again sometime so perhaps something will be arranged
in the not to distant future.

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Above the York presented to me & the Vulcan I obtained paid for by you all - thanks

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Phil Francis, Don Tanner, Dave Gingell, Trev Dutton, Colin Stockton, Bob Rodham,
Keith Bass, Carl Reynolds, Rich Hopkins, Tom Sawyer, Dave Squires, Paul Pickwell,
Steve Bunfield, Rod Wallace, Dave Shephard, Ken Ryan, Chalky White, Mick Carter,
Ian Hovey, Phil Scott, Nick Rogers, Gezz Goss, Dick Bothamley, Steve Farmery,
Terry Hayward, Mick Stelmach, Phil Jones, John Kerr, Chris Lowe


The following report was written by Dave Squires has been published
by RAFHAA in the 'Haltonian'


In the meantime, if anyone has any ideas for social events or just social excuses get in touch.