Spires Four-Pillars Hotel Oxford
28 - 30th May 2011

An excellent weekend enjoyed by all

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Roll-call Saturday

Paul Bedward, Dave Gingell, John Kerr, Rae Stevens, 
Dave Squires, Rod Wallace, Ian Hovey, Keith Godden, Dick Bothamley, Don Tanner, Mick Carter, Ken Ryan, Dave Shephard, Phil Jones, Keith Bass, Jock Strachan, Davey Jones, Paul Pickwell, 
Pete Lewis, Stuart Thomson, Terry Hayward, Bob Rodham

Roll-call Sunday

Paul Bedward, Dave Gingell, John Kerr, Rae Stevens, Dave Squires, Rod Wallace, Ian Hovey, 
Keith Godden, Dick Bothamley, Don Tanner, Mick Carter, Ken Ryan, Chris Lowe, Phil Jones, 
Keith Bass, Jock Strachan, Paul Pickwell, Pete Lewis, Stuart Thomson, Terry Hayward, 
Bob Rodham

Below speech made by Ian Hovey Saturday evening

Here is the write-up produced by Dave Squires, this will be submitted to the Haltonian for publication in the next issue along with the group photograph

As you know a raffle was held to recover the money owed to Dave Squires,
this produced a profit of 95.00 which was an excellent amount, this has
increased to 121.00 with gift aid and has been paid, check out the recent donors at:

Should you have any photographs that you wish to add please email.












































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