Best Western Plus Bentley Hotel & Spa


25 - 27 May 2019
(Late May Bank Holiday Weekend)

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Steve Blemings, Bob Rodham, Ian Hovey, Davey Jones, Ken Ryan, Don Tanner, Dave Gingell, Dick Bothamley, Paul Bedward,
George Strachan, Terry Hayward, Rae Stevens, Dave Squires, Stuart Thompson, Paul Pickwell, Keith Bass, Dave Shephard


Steve Blemings, Bob Rodham, Ian Hovey, Davey Jones, Ken Ryan, Don Tanner, Dave Gingell, Dick Bothamley,
Paul Bedward, George Strachan, Terry Hayward, Dave Squires, Stuart Thompson, Paul Pickwell, Dave Shephard

Also a photograph of some of the ladies present (thanks for your support)

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The charity raffle raised the sum of 180.00 pounds on Saturday evening, added to this are
donations from Carl Reynolds, Paul Hayworth and Keith Godden totaling 90.00 pounds.
This gives a final sum of 270.00 for the Prostate Cancer charity.

Receipt from charity below

(Thank you all for your efforts with this)

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Many thanks to Dave Squires for photographs below, including 3 from the Bomber Command Centre
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The next one will probably be in the Halton area in 2021, this because it will be our 50th anniversary of joining the RAF.

Also it will be the last chance to visit Halton before closure in 2022.