(or, how to replace a rusty chassis and front bulkhead with galvanized - according to Mr. Wallace)

See what happens when you let people retire , they start ripping things apart for the hell of it !
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BR-140915-2.jpg (61960 bytes)

Day 1 (September 2015), and so it begins

Day 2, starting to look like a Pink Panther

BR-140915-3.jpg (58568 bytes)
BR-140915-4.jpg (59981 bytes)

Day 3, didn't get as much done as found much more rust than expected

Day 4, tub off, loads of rust and a lot of the aluminium is white powder

BR-140915-5.jpg (69205 bytes)
BR-140915-6.jpg (58265 bytes)

Now where did I put that machine gun mount ?

Doesn't look much like a Landy anymore, also no seats and no floor

BR-140915-7.jpg (76151 bytes)
BR-140915-8.jpg (57031 bytes)

Might be in bits but happy as a pig in s*it !

Nearly naked

BR-140915-9.jpg (52919 bytes)
BR-140915-10.jpg (71586 bytes)

Spaghetti, spaghetti

Rain stopped play, engine and bulkhead next

BR-140915-11.jpg (62851 bytes)
BR-160915-11.jpg (75947 bytes)

Drive train removed, hopefully engine tomorrow

Engine and loom out, time for fish n chips BR-170915-1.jpg (55436 bytes)
RW-190915-1.jpg (60159 bytes)

Fuel tank and bulkhead tomorrow

Front bulkhead is history, which is the front RW-190915-2.jpg (71870 bytes)
RW-210915-1.jpg (86121 bytes)

Nearly empty chassis, bring on the new !

Shiny or what ! RW-220915-1.jpg (58861 bytes)
RW-270915-1.jpg (61455 bytes)

That's pretty much done. Time to start the rebuild which will be slower as some of the stuff that has been removed needs refurbing/painting/replacing

RW-270915-2.jpg (72218 bytes)

RW-051115-1.jpg (44737 bytes)

Not so shiny now !

Apologies to Porsche owners but I couldn't resist

RW-231115-1.jpg (66361 bytes)
RW-201215-1.jpg (65306 bytes)

Just in case you thought I was taking it easy

Dec 2015
Jan 2016

There I was feeling well satisfied with what I had accomplished I had completed fitting the rear axle all I had to do was fill the diff with 1/2 a gallon of ep90 I filled it and put the filler plug back. I screwed it up and instead of stopping it screwed all the way into the diff! I couldn't fu***ng well believe it! I have drained the oil and removed the backplate shit shit shit and double shit

RW-050116-1.jpg (72373 bytes)
RW-130116-1.jpg (81414 bytes)

Doing a fit check with the front bulkhead, next time we see it, it will be less orange!

Fuel tank refitted RW-170116-1.jpg (88591 bytes)
RW-240116-1.jpg (99809 bytes)

Engine and gearbox, nearly ready for fitting

Shiney! checking everything still fits and drilling out holes and cleaning threads prior to painting RW-260116-1.jpg (79989 bytes)
RW-280116-1.jpg (115925 bytes)

Engine and gearbox in! Big thanks to my friends Ray Palmer and Rog Clark especially to Ray
for his tractor to lift the lump in. Took about 5 minutes!.

Taken this morning while the sun was still shining, I am waiting for the front bulkhead
and things should move on quickly
RW-070216-1.jpg (87126 bytes)
RW-170316.jpg (97167 bytes)

Bulkhead now in place.

Love the gloves ! RW-200316-1.jpg (86785 bytes)
RW-080416-1.jpg (101516 bytes)

Soon be time to start engine !

April 2016
Looking good RW-070516-1.jpg (90400 bytes)
May 2016  

RW-120516-1.jpg (77422 bytes)    RW-120516-2.jpg (92521 bytes)    RW-120516-3.jpg (61534 bytes)


RW-250516-1.jpg (92957 bytes)

Front Finished

Trial fit of rear tub - all is not well RW-040816-1.jpg (81609 bytes)
RW-280916-1.jpg (75114 bytes)

Starting to look like a landy again

Racing along now, roof and doors come on Saturday RW-161016-1.jpg (94019 bytes)
RW-141116-1.jpg (78334 bytes)

Doors on !

Nov 16
RW-141216-2.jpg (63768 bytes)

14 December 2016

RW-141216.jpg (73235 bytes)

RW-180117-1.jpg (103255 bytes)     RW-180117-2.jpg (155912 bytes)     RW-180117-3.jpg (188483 bytes)

The End

Jan 2017