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Below the 1st get together of the 223 east midlands chapter, enjoying lunch in darkest Derbyshire.
Hopefully this will become a regular occurrence going forward.

BR-100917-1.jpg (135628 bytes)

Nice to see, Dave Gingell & Wendy, Dave Shephard and Marilyn.

Nice to see Paul Deakin and Dave Gingell, it's been a while since I last saw Paul (over 40 years !)

BR-220115-1.jpg (138142 bytes)
22 January 2015

Keefi meets Lofty in Oz........... 

PD-080414-1.jpg (43605 bytes)  PD-080414-2.jpg (54976 bytes)

Keith & Fiona travel all the way to Australia and bump into Paul & Claudine Deakin !

Below photographs from Davey Jones and his Bride Irene's wedding
in Exeter 15th October 2011 which myself & Yvonne attended.

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26 February 2008

br-260208-1.jpg (30164 bytes)

Check out this visitor, 'Shef' (Pete Lewis), he's looking forward 
to the next get together in 2009.

22 May 2006

Basingstoke-2-240506.jpg (31920 bytes) Nice to see Rich Hopkins and his good Basingstoke-1-240506.jpg (23273 bytes)
                         lady when visiting sunny Basingstoke                          

Pic's from Keith Goddens 50th bash and the bloke in the first pic
looks vaguely familiar...

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Duxford 11 September 2005

br-110905-1.jpg (29534 bytes)
Steve, Bob & Ian

and here is Ian the night before plus Jan and friend (its lemonade honest !)
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24 July 2005
Ian & Jan dropped in on their  way to his granddaughters christening

ih-240705-1.jpg (35997 bytes)
Bob & Ian 
(Jan in the background)

ih-240705-2.jpg (39525 bytes)
You looking at me?

ih-240705-3.jpg (23541 bytes)
Glad some things never change !

30 January 2005
Wychnor Country Club

DW300105.jpg (27293 bytes)

Invited for a drink with DW at his country club.

6 March 2004
Newcastle - Bob's 30th wedding anniversary at Newcastle United FC !

30th-1.jpg (28643 bytes) 220304-kw.jpg (20554 bytes) 30th-2.jpg (32659 bytes)

right photograph -
Ken & Jackie, Phil & Karen, Bob & Yvonne, Dave & Chris

Many thanks to them all for taking the trouble to attend

Weeting Village Hall - 29 November 2003 
Ian's pre-Christmas get together !

pompey10.jpg (32313 bytes)
Bob, Keith, Dick, Paul & Ian

                    Ladies trying to keep warm  pompey5.jpg (32021 bytes)              pompey7.jpg (26422 bytes)  Jeez not another lecture !

Nice to see Dave & Chris when visiting Swindon
for the weekend November 2003

Swin1.jpg (28995 bytes) Swin2.jpg (32366 bytes)

28 June 2003
Bob's place

                                      bbq1.JPG (42030 bytes)              
                Ian Hovey, Dave Squires, Bob, Dave Milnes 
                         & Trev Dutton chewing the fat ! 
            bbq6.JPG (49668 bytes) bbq4.JPG (45717 bytes)
     bbq3.JPG (40315 bytes)
   Dave & Trev catching up !
  bbq2.JPG (40168 bytes) Trev is 'persuaded' to cough up
                                        for the window project
                                            2806-Ian.jpg (45462 bytes)  2806-The-Cheque.jpg (43467 bytes)    These 2 excellent photo's are from Ian's new
  'Digital' collection, keep up the good work Ian.. 

1 March 2003 (Hinckley)

trio.JPG (50651 bytes)

'evenin all' , I was visited my these 2 nice 'officers' whilst having
a jar or 2, Steve (don't call me Pervy) Foster & Dave (I love golf) Squires.
(nice to see Steve is up and about again after his back problems)

28 November 2002

dux1102-16.jpg (21971 bytes)

a bit 'foggy' this one - can't think why !!
flying visit to Paul Pickwells place along with fellow convict Ian

19 October 2002

BobDaveKen.JPG (27458 bytes)

Dave Shephard, myself & Ken Waugh who I last met in 1974 !!

25 August 2002

                             Outside Trev Dutton's place where he had  TrevsPlace.JPG (22899 bytes)  just treated myself & Yvonne to dinner
                                                                                                        ( thanks Trev )

Ian Hovey's B-B-Q  3 August 02

The 223 contingent minus Paul Pickwell  IanBBQ10s.jpg (20647 bytes)  who was present but must have fallen over !
Keith, Bob, Ian, Trev & Dick

   Ian & Trev let rip - good job Ian
    has understanding neighbours 

             IanBBQ3.jpg (27378 bytes)
                     IanBBQ6.jpg (18161 bytes)

       The ladies convention commences ! 


   I must admit they are pretty good

            IanBBQ8.jpg (16716 bytes)

Phil Jones Barbie 13 July 02

     BBQ_PJ1.jpg (44067 bytes)    only got a couple of pics here both of the ladies   BBQ_PJ2.jpg (45338 bytes)

 Dave Shep's B-B-Q 29 June 02
typical British summer - bright but breezy

         BBQ_DaveS8.jpg (44027 bytes) 
  some of the gang having the odd
                  glass or 6 !
   Dave & Ian discuss the serious
           matters of the day..

           BBQ_DaveS1.JPG (41120 bytes)

             BBQ_DaveS3.JPG (49499 bytes)

    Dave doing the honours assisted
        by the hard working Phil

                      BBQ_DaveS4.JPG (27095 bytes)

                  the waiters working well.

                             BBQ_DaveS7.JPG (32233 bytes)

         the ladies quiz team - who got beat of course !