Our Window Dedication was performed on 6th June 2004 and was a very
enjoyable occasion for all those who attended, a special thanks to 
Dave Squires who carried out the reading and Ian Hovey  who produced an excellent
'ditty' all about our entry !.

Please check out the photographs below and send yours for inclusion.
(Photo's of our visit to the museum also included)

Attendees at the Dedication service -

Mick Carter, Gezz Goss, Davey Jones, Ken Ryan, Dave Squires, George Strachan, Dick Bothamley,
Dave Gingell, Bob Wilson, Keith Godden, Terry Hayward, Mick Stelmach, Paul Pickwell, Ian Hovey,
Keith Bass, Phil Jones, Don Tanner, Bob Rodham, Paul Hayworth, Steve Bunfield, Carl Reynolds

Click this link to view Ian Hovey's excellent speech

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Below are all those who contributed to the cost of our window

Keith Godden, Trev Dutton, Bob Wilson, Bob Rodham, Chris Lowe, Colin Stockton,
Ian Hovey, Dave Squires, Steve Farmery, Rod Wallace, Dick Bothamley, Phil Jones,
DW Jones, John Kerr, Dave Gingell, Roy Davidge, Carl Reynolds, Steve Foster,
Paul pickwell, Rich Hopkins, Gezz Goss, Mick Stelmach, Jock Strachan
Dave Milnes

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Check out the excellent 'Video file' from Gordon Taylor (65th entry) which will take you 
through all the windows on display in St. George's


If you wish to see a close up of all the windows click the link below
 which will take you to a page on the 75th web site -