This from Dick Bothamley
Parents Day - 26.11.1971.jpg (143019 bytes) Parents Day - 26.11.1971-2.jpg (252181 bytes)
Parents Day Nov 1971


These in from Nick Rogers
NR-210615-1.jpg (31794 bytes)
NR-170615-1.jpg (13117 bytes) NR-170615-2.jpg (46171 bytes) 1971
NR-210615-2.jpg (40218 bytes)



                                                                                    These 2 of Taff Wilson during his 
                                                                                          secondment to 225 entry !                                                                    Rae Stevens

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Below from Terry Hayward

BR-300513-3-Halton.jpg (30600 bytes) BR-300513-9-Halton.jpg (30951 bytes) BR-300513-8-Halton.jpg (28197 bytes) BR-300513-4-Halton.jpg (29735 bytes) BR-300513-5-Halton.jpg (36242 bytes) BR-300513-6-Halton.jpg (33017 bytes) BR-300513-7-Halton.jpg (21065 bytes)



First pic shows Steve Bunfield + ? Other two from Tony Newman
BR-300513-1.jpg (30785 bytes) TN-170912-1.jpg (12067 bytes) TN-170912-2.jpg (18170 bytes)

No explanation needed with these two

BR-250910-LoveChit.jpg (10293 bytes)
'Love chit'
50's vintage
BR-300513-2-1.jpg (26073 bytes) BR-010810-2.jpg (27733 bytes) BR-250910-Smoking.jpg (8911 bytes)
Smoking chit'
40's - 50's

Cpl Jock Young in front of York Flight 70-71
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BR-190312-2.jpg (37314 bytes)


These from Don's loft:
DT-310509-1.jpg (40113 bytes)   DT-310509-2.jpg (40962 bytes)
what a group !, the fourth guy on the right is a CCA from another entry.


A couple just surfaced:
        RAF Bands LP                Workshops early 70's 
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These from Dick
(Selection letters etc)

db-300808-Selection Letter-1.jpg (47566 bytes)


db-300808-Warrant-1.jpg (73990 bytes) db-300807- pay slip.jpg (44904 bytes) db-300808-Selection Letter-2.jpg (62767 bytes)


Have you seen this before?, reported in a local     newspaper around 1970, perhaps you know them?     
  br-170808-1.jpg (53760 bytes)   

Pete (Shef) Lewis
pl -130607-2.jpg (31265 bytes)

This from 'Pancho'
He tells me that it's outside Comet flight with himself scoring the goal (of course)
Mick Wright in check shirt, Ken Ryan doing the swallow dive, Duncan Furniss 
on the ground, Dave Gingell in purple with his drum, Geordie in mid air with
the other being Tony Newman.

pb-250507-1.jpg (25634 bytes)

br-240107-1.jpg (71709 bytes)


Many thanks to Bob Lippett (222) for these pic's showing Tony Newman (left) & Ken Ryan and Geordie (right)


br-240107-2.jpg (51713 bytes)


        Cinema                              3 Wing                        HQ 1 & 2 Wing
br-190507-2.jpg (27244 bytes)                281006-halton3wing.jpg (69506 bytes)                281006-halton-1&2-Wing.jpg (57242 bytes)


These 2 from Dick Bothamley in those early days                     this photograph has just surfaced from Keith Bass
                             db-131105-1.jpg (39486 bytes)
db-131105-2.jpg (25842 bytes)                                                                   kb-200305-1.jpg (26957 bytes)                                                    
                                                                                                  left to right - Steve Bunfield, Paul Bedson & the guy with the broom
                                                                                               shovelling s*it is Ian Hovey


The following from Rich Hopkins who has been clearing his loft !

                Just after Finals    
           Richh8.jpg (43168 bytes) 
          Richh6.jpg (33362 bytes)              Richard's first motor
         Richh1.jpg (39102 bytes)
              Richh4.jpg (28515 bytes)                   Dave Gingell  
          Richh7.jpg (46475 bytes)
             when he was a lad !
             Richh2.jpg (30834 bytes)
              Another youngster !
           Richh9.jpg (52646 bytes)
             Richh3.jpg (29421 bytes)          Richh5.jpg (50906 bytes)

and these from Dick Bothamley

db-230806-05.jpg (35981 bytes)  db-230806-06.jpg (38442 bytes)  db-230806-03.jpg (38767 bytes)  db-230806-07.jpg (47108 bytes) 
BR-170718-8.jpg (73120 bytes)
  BR-170718-2.jpg (72846 bytes)  BR-170718-1.jpg (80871 bytes)