RAF Halton organised an interesting display by some of the training departments in 1 Hangar where the Entries initially met up. The RAFGSA was showing off typical aircraft and gliders from their impressive fleet in 2 Hangar. 3 Hangar was the venue for a well organised and very tasty lunch along with some rather cheap beer, interrupted for a few minutes by the pipe band making a splendid entrance with drums and haggises on full song.

There was a flying display by both model aircraft and full size replica WW1 kites. The micro-turbojet powered models in particular were very impressive both in speed and sound. The weather was less than kind with light rain most of the day, but this abated for the long trek from airfields to St. George's church for a service which included dedication of the 21st and 29th Entry windows.

Kermode Hall was open for walkabout and it still had that rabbit warren feel to it. Then came the march from workshops to the square for the sunset ceremony. Both pipe and brass bands were on parade.

All in all a very enjoyable day lets hope more 223 turn out in 2007 !.
                      The following photographs taken   
at the 2004 Triennial                                                               

               Tri-250904-6.jpg (13822 bytes)  Airfields

Tri-250904-7.jpg (20168 bytes)

Dave G & Co.

  Tri-250904-4.jpg (36711 bytes) 

 hal-3.jpg (59365 bytes)    Tri-250904-5.jpg (35002 bytes)  

the band Dave decided to join again !
can you spot him?

           Tri-250904-3.jpg (24090 bytes)  Remember 
                                       (This guy is 

Schools ?       
Tri-250904-2.jpg (37835 bytes)     
ex 123 entry)                                 


          Tri-250904-9.jpg (44385 bytes)  
                       up that bloody

Tri-250904-1.jpg (47341 bytes)
hill again !                                                      


(223 Contingent Dave & Bob)